Great Wolf Lodge Cub ClubI have been going to Great Wolf Lodge for as long as I can remember.  My mom and I have been to all eleven of the Lodges. Some Lodges, like the Poconos, I have been to many times.  Others like, Kansas City, I have only been to once.  I am going to start my blog off by describing the 5 general areas of the lodge….I will get into more details and funny stories in my future posts.

The Waterpark

The waterpark is the main attraction—it’s why everyone goes to the Lodge.  The waterpark is a fun place to go any time of day.  There are (at most lodges) 4 regular tube slides and 2-3 big tube slides (which I recommend). The big slides have names like the Double Barrel Drop and the Howlin’ Tornado.  In addition, there is a kiddie area, a wave pool, 2 hot tubs, a giant water fort with 2 body slides and a recreational pool where you can play water basketball.  There is even a lazy river!  There is so much fun to be had in the waterpark!


gr8_space is a place where teens (like me) go to chill out and dry out.  There are snacks and drinks so that you don’t have to go back to your room.  Inside, there are 15 different TVs, one big screen, 3 Xboxes and 3 Wii's along with PS3's.  Countless computers are available to go online.  There are contests and dance parties.  You could spend hours there.

Northern Lights Arcade

The arcade is the last thing closed in the evening so you can stay there for a while.  With over 100 games to play, the fun never ends.  One token is one quarter.  There are games for ticket hunters and games just for fun.  The prizes are pretty cool too—hundreds to pick from (although I am not allowed to bring home anymore stuffed animals). So much to do, so little time.

The Food

I am now a teenage boy so food is important to me.  My mom always packs snacks but I have to tell you the food is pretty great.  The Loose Moose Cottage has a buffet for breakfast lunch and dinner, which leaves you with hundreds of food choices.  There are 2 big restaurants—Camp Critter and the Loose Moose, there are smaller places like Spirit Island and Pizza Hut Express. Yum!  Everything always sounds so good.  One time at lunch I had pork with BBQ sauce and it was truly amazing!



MagiQuest makes you feel like a powerful wizard. I, myself, have played this game for countless hours—it is so addicting and fun.  First, you have to do quests to earn runes.  When you collect all the runes you can move on to bigger quests like dragon slaying or Pixie helping.  You get to keep your wand so the next time you stay at a Great Wolf Lodge, you can pick up right where you left off.  I have played at all the Lodges where MagiQuest is offered.

So there is my overview of the Great Wolf Lodge….stay tuned for my fun adventures.


Ask A Mom Son


RJ is the son of our Ask A Mom Panelist, Leslie H.  Like his mom, he has visited all 11 Great Wolf Lodges. Stay tuned for more from RJ and his mom Leslie.