We made our first trip to the Poconos to stay at Great Wolf Lodge with another family and quickly found ourselves having a blast. Our trip had to be extended because a foot and a half of snow dropped on us. But being inside the waterpark in the 84 degrees made it the best snow storm we have ever had. The six children that we had there enjoyed the arcade, spa, bakery and MagiQuest too. The staff was beyond awesome scrambling to find their own staff rooms to camp out in overnight they helped us extend our stay for two extra days making it ever so more awesome. We are so excited about a return trip back to the Lodge soon.


Name: Krista Gill-Snyder
City: North East
State: MD - Maryland
Email: kristas2kids@yahoo.com
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA



Who doesn’t enjoy slaying dragons and collecting all the runes? I sure do, and I can’t wait to try out the latest addition to MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge...Topper Powers.

When magi select their wand in the store, they have the option of adding some pizzazz to their wand with a themed topper. This spring, guest at all the properties with MagiQuest will see their wand topper gain abilities that affect the game in a various fun ways.

For example, the topper on my wand - the Majestic Pink Gem and Crown - will now allow me to win the pixie adventure in one cast. Also, when I duel the red dragon, the topper will allow one resurrection when I’m out of healing mana. I don't know about you, but any help I can get with the red dragon is great!

Some of these powers even have a chance to recharge while playing the game while others are only a one time use. While the toppers vary a little from property to property, you can expect to see some combination of the following (with powers listed) –

  • Red Dragon & Dragon Gem – Power to one Silver Dragon with the fire burst
  • Majestic Pink Gem & Crown – One cast to win Pixie adventure & one resurrection when dueling the red dragon
  • Unicorn & Horn – cause Magic to spread through the realm
  • Trixter – spread the “power of laughter” through the kingdom – will give every screen a joke and tell which Magi brought this bit of laughter your way
  • Blue Claw – Xavier’s “draining” magic; steal mana from other Magi
  • Armillary – ability to get hints at select status stations through the Kingdom
  • Skull & Dark Stone – beat back the red dragon with a laughing skull of light

Locations with some variety of the toppers listed above include: Charlotte/Concord, Cincinnati/Mason, Grand Mound, Grapevine, Kansas City, Pocono Mountains, Traverse City, Williamsburg and Wisconsin Dells.

MagiQuest has always been a blast to play, and the addition of Topper Powers increases the ways you can interact with the experience. I can’t wait to go try out my new topper power at the Wisconsin Dells Lodge. How about you?

We are happy to announce the Grand Prize Winner of our Spring Surprises Video Contest—Debbie McFadden of Towson, Maryland. 

Debbie’s video features her daughter, Haley, and her 9th birthday surprise.  Debbie and her husband waited until the night before Haley’s big day to surprise her with a trip to the lodge

“I’m glad I taped her opening her card. I just figured it would be nice to get her reaction. I never thought she would get so emotional!” Debbie told us, “It showed us how much she appreciated it and how much she must have loved her first trip.”

Staying true to the contest theme, Debbie and her husband surprised Haley when they told her their video had won.

“We waited until Haley got home from school and told her we needed to talk to her. She asked us, ‘Did I do something wrong?’…we made her wait it out a little!”

Once they told her the video was the winning entry, Haley screamed (again) and jumped up and down with excitement.

Debbie and her family will receive a two-night stay, plus meals, at the Great Wolf Lodge of their choice.  And in case you were wondering, Haley’s BFF Bridget will be joining the family on their trip back to the Williamsburg, Virginia Lodge.


Visit our YouTube channel to view our top 5 finalists.

Great Wolf Lifeguards Deserve a Howl!

At Great Wolf Lodge, the safety of our guests is our number one priority. Every day, families come to our resorts to play in our waterparks and make lasting memories. Our Great Wolf Pack Members are a key part to delivering these safe and fun experiences.

Great Wolf lifeguards are among our most visible Pack Members. It is their job to ensure that our guests are safe while they enjoy our indoor waterparks. To help in these efforts, Great Wolf works with Ellis & Associates, a third party consultant that specializes in aquatics safety. In addition to assisting with our training programs, Ellis & Associates conducts random audits of our guards at work, to ensure key practices and procedures are being used.

Each year, Ellis & Associates announces its list of “Golden Guards” – lifeguards around the country who epitomize what it means to be a great lifeguard. Leadership, knowledge, and teamwork are areas that the guards are rated on. This year ten Great Wolf Lodge lifeguards earned the honor.

Great Wolf Lodge sends a collective “Howl!” of congratulations to the following Pack Member guards who work each day to provide a safe, fun waterpark experience for our guests.


Nathan Hughes and Zyra Edwards from our Niagara Falls Lodge

When it comes to creating family memories the first place that comes into my mind is one of our family's favorite places to visit, Great Wolf Lodge Poconos. It's somewhere that all the kids want to visit and everyone can have fun as a family. Since my children are all 8 years apart, sometimes it's hard to find a place that appeals to everyone. Great Wolf Lodge makes it so easy!

I can't even begin to choose a favorite trip or memory from GWL. We have so many! We have visited for special birthdays, Halloween, winter snow tubing, and Snowland!

Our most recent trip was to celebrate Valentine's Day. I could not have thought of a better place to be. Great Wolf Lodge just warms my heart. We had a little celebration in our room. Staying in the Fireplace Loft just made the trip, with two floors of happiness. There is something about Great Wolf Lodge that lets the love in our family shine. Maybe it's all the quality time we get to spend together.

Our family had so much fun checking out the new Main Street while we were there. We loved the Ten Paw Alley, even though the kids won and I came in last! I guess that only means we have to get back there for a rematch! My daughter was strolling the halls with her new best friend, Sammy. She made her as part of the Story Explorers! My son had a blast, as usual, with MagiQuest! He finally beat the dragon and was pretty excited about that! As for hubby and I, spending a few days together with everyone, uninterrupted was priceless!

Of course everyone's favorite part of the trip was the water park! Between the slides, the wave pool and the splashes, I could not have asked for anything more! As for my husband and I, there is no greater joy then spending time with our three children and seeing them just enjoying life. It doesn't get any better! If I had to choose one place to make family memories, it would be Great Wolf Lodge. When I am there, life just can not be any better! Thanks for the memories GWL! We'll be back in the future to make more!

Name: Diane Sullivan
City: Harrison
State: NJ
Email: elgeorgia@aol.com
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA

As one of the newest members of the Great Wolf Lodge Pack, I have been excited and enamored with all things, “Wolf!” During my first week, I took part in Wolfology; that’s Great Wolf Lodge-speak for “employee onboarding.”

The class took part at our Wisconsin Dells Lodge, and included two of my colleagues from the Corporate Office and several new employees from our many important resort areas. Over the years, I have taken new employee classes at other companies. While each had its own spin and tone – no such class ever asked me to howl before!

As a guest at our lodges, you have probably learned how to “Stomp, stomp, clap, clap, HOWWWLLL” – but did you know that pack members do it, too? We even have our own little version of the Howl that is slightly different at each lodge. For instance, the Wisconsin Dells Lodge is our first Great Wolf location. Pack members in the Dells proudly say, “Stomp, stomp, clap, clap, Howl! Number one!”  Our Grapevine, Texas Lodge pack members welcome all new pack members by taking them to the lobby and having them yell, “Stomp, stomp, clap, clap, Howl! Yee-hah, y’all!” I love that!

Wolfology then went on to discuss the Great Wolf Guest. With are so many options for family entertainment these days, we are honored each time you choose us. It truly is our responsibility to do all we can to ensure that our properties are clean, inviting, exciting and as wonderful as our advertising makes us out to be. We must exceed our guests’ expectations. Call me a little geeky – but that makes me proud. (More on that later when I write about my first experience as a guest.)

Soon, we were knee deep in Great Wolf Lodge lingo: “pack members” – employees of Great Wolf Lodge; “dens” – employee offices; “wolf wear” – employee uniforms. Do you like to give the celebratory High Five from time to time? At Great Wolf Lodge, we give the “High Paw.” Teach your kids to do it tonight! Start with your hand open, palm facing out. Then, bend each finger inward at the knuckles. Lastly, raise your paw and howl. You can’t help but smile as you do it.

Welcome to our pack!


Visit YouTube and search “Great Wolf Lodge Surprise”.  You will find page after page filled with videos of parents surprising their kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

What a fun idea.  Plan a trip to the lodge.  Scheme and brainstorm.  Find some fun way to tell the family about it—a fun riddle in a Christmas present or a birthday card.  Or wait altogether and tell them about it as you are on your way to the lodge.  Then record it.  Brilliant.

So brilliant that we decided to make a contest out of it.



For two weeks, we’ve encouraged Facebook fans and Twitter followers to upload their own version of a Great Wolf Lodge surprise video to our contest app on Facebook.  And upload they did.  We received a ton of great videos (stay tuned, we will highlight some of the top contenders on Facebook and Twitter).  A team of Great Wolf Lodge judges gathered together in a room and watched one by one.  We laughed. We cried. We laughed some more.

They were all so good.  Eventually we narrowed it down to our top 5 finalists.  Now it’s your turn.  Head to our Video Contest app on our Facebook page. Watch all five videos (I dare you not to laugh or cry).  Then vote for your favorite.  You can vote once every 24 hours from now until 5:00pm EST on Wednesday, March 21st.

Be sure to share the contest with your friends and family so they can take part in the fun.

Happy voting!


Have you ever wondered what goes into creating the Great Wolf Lodge experience?  How do we make it snow during Snowland?  What new family fun is being added to the lodges each year?  Just where does all that water go?

Enter Behind the Howl—the official blog of Great Wolf Lodge.

This is where we give you a behind-the-howl look at all things Great Wolf.  Our Communications and Marketing teams, Kid’s Experience team and others will help tell the story of Great Wolf—from the eyes of a pack member.

Check back often, share with your friends and family and give us feedback by leaving comments.  Let us know what you like.  Let us know what you want to know.  And what we can do as we continue to grow.

We also want to hear your personal stories—your favorite Great Wolf Lodge memory, a story about your favorite slide, what it was like to meet Wiley for the first time.  We know you’ve got a great story, and we want to hear it.

We are excited to share our stories with you and look forward to hearing yours!



The Great Wolf Lodge Blogger Pack