In September, we hosted our Back to School Contest.  After reading through all the great entries we received, we have our winners!  Congratulations to our Second Place winner, Leyla Stuckey. 

Our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas was a chance to make the greatest memories ever.

So often the things we do are just for our son, but this was a chance for us—the parents—to get to be kids again too. We didn’t just watch our son having fun, we were there with him. Laughing as we splashed in the pool. Screaming as we rocketed down the Howlin’ Tornado. Splashing down at the bottom and looking at each other and saying, “Let’s do it again!”

The ride down Coyote Cannon was so scary, yet so exciting. It was the first time that any of us had done anything like that. It was a trip of many firsts for our whole family.

Together we roamed the halls, accepting quests and facing dragons while playing MagiQuest. We climbed the stairs, carrying our wands dutifully behind our son. We were the only parents who had wands and were playing along, and that was just fine by us. The look on my son’s face, when after several tries, he finally defeated the dragon, well, it was just awesome! He was so proud of himself for trying, and trying until he did it! 

There were so many things to do, we never had a dull moment.

At the end of a long, fun day, sitting down for a great meal overlooking the lobby and listening to the bedtime stories was a perfect end to the day.  We fell into our beds, exhausted, and sprung out of them the next morning, ready to do it all over again. I can’t even remember a time when my son has been so excited about anything we’ve ever done.

It was a priceless trip because of the memories we got to make together. Not just as bystanders watching my son do cool things, we got to do them with him this time!

So often we forget how much fun it can be to release the inner child, and Great Wolf Lodge gave us that chance again. It was an amazing experience that we talk about so very often. We can’t wait until we can make it back again!

Name: Leyla Stuckey
City: Shreveport
State: Louisiana
Email: Leylahoneybear@yahoo.com
Lodge: Grapevine, TX


In September, we hosted our Back to School Contest.  After reading through all the great entries we received, we have our winners!  Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Lawrence Sullivan. 

Let me start off by saying that every memory of Great Wolf Lodge is a special one. It's a place I can take my family and everyone is just happy! As a hard working Dad of 3, I can never get enough quality time with my wife and kids. One particular memory of mine that will always be special has to do with my 5 year old daughter and me. Since my daughter and wife are pretty much insepartable, sometimes it's tough to get a little time with her. It just so happened that it all changed at Great Wolf Lodge. While having a blast in the water park, my daughter announced she was done. My wife and sons were in no way ready to give up their water time, so I happily volunteered to take her where she wanted to go.

We left and got ready. Little did I know what was in store for me! She apparently had a whole plan mapped out! We played MagiQuest, stopped for ice cream and then, "Daddy, take me to the Cub Club". I did not know much about the Cub Club at that point, but I can say now that I am an expert! She led me down the hall and knew just where to go. We entered the Cub Club and I must admit had the time of my life! We played games, colored, watched a little bit of a movie, I had a private puppet show and then ended up on the rug playing legos. Now, my family may tell you this was no big deal, but for me it was priceless. I really did hate seeing that time come to an end.

I do have a secret. Although, I love the water park, I am really longing to hear the words, "Daddy, take me to the Cub Club" again. I will run, not walk! Great Wolf Lodge, thank you for the memories you have given this Dad and his daughter. You will never know what it means to me. You just can't get time back and the memories you make with your children are the ones that last a lifetime.

Name: Lawrence Sullivan
Email: sully703@yahoo.com
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


In September, we hosted our Back to School Contest.  After reading through all the great entries we received, we have our winners!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, Larry Sullivan with his story entitled “Daddy, Take Me to the Cub Club”.  Second Place goes to Leyla Stuckey with her story “Great Memories”.  Taking Third Place is Lori Zeaman with “Great Wolf Zeaman Style.” 

Stay tuned next week as we share their winning stories.  

Do you have a story of your favorite trip to Great Wolf Lodge?  Share it at http://blog.greatwolf.com/blog/landing-pages/share-your-story


This past weekend, Ryan Potter from Nickelodeon's Supah Ninja's hosted a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters and celebrated Howl-O-Ween with guests at the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati/Mason, Ohio. Here is more about the experience in Ryan's own words:

Ryan Potter at Great Wolf Lodge - Mason, OH

It was so great to be able to hang out at Great Wolf Lodge this weekend!  With my busy schedule filming Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas, it's important for me to take time to give back to Big Brothers Big Sisters. The organization has had such an important impact on my life. And, what better way than spending the day with Bigs, Littles and my fans at Great Wolf Lodge!

Big Brothers Big Sisters matched me with my Big Brother James more than nine years ago. It's safe to say that I would not be the person I am today without his guidance.  Growing up in a single-parent home was tough - for both me and my mom, since she was working to support us. James was always there as a mentor, role model and friend.

I never would have met James if it wasn't for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  To show the organization my appreciation, I am now officially a Big Brothers Big Sisters spokesperson. I was thrilled when they asked me to attend a fundraiser for the local Big Brothers Big Sisters' agency at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio this past weekend.

Ryan Potter, Wiley the Wolf and Violet the WolfAfter meeting some of the local matches and other fans at dinner, I had the opportunity to lead Story Time for all of the guests. It was great to have Wiley there to help me out. I think he was a little jealous I was stealing some of his limelight.

During the Monster Bash Dance Party, the resort held a raffle to raise even more money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Prizes even included a free night stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  After, Wiley even tried to show me up on the dance floor.

All of the Howl-O-Ween events at Great Wolf Lodge were so much fun and I was really happy to have the chance to help Big Brother Big Sisters. The evening raised close to $1000 and will help Big Brothers Big Sisters continue to make matches for kids, just like they did for me and James.

One of my favorite things about fall is not just the cooler weather, but all of the fun treats and sweets there are to enjoy. I think I’ve seen a pumpkin-flavored version of everything from coffee to cheesecake in just the past week.

But one of my favorite sweets this time of year is a caramel apple. There is just something about the combination of the fresh apples with caramel that make a simple treat a confectionary delight.

Our Great Wolf Lodge culinary team agrees with me and to really get in the spirit, they got in touch with their sweet and creative side! This week, the resorts all competed with each other and challenged their Pastry Chefs to create the coolest, most imaginative Halloween-themed caramel apples. We were blown away with the submissions.

From traditional candied apples covered in red coating to apples made to look like mummies, bats and pumpkins, the resort culinary teams pulled out all the stops. The pastry teams whipped up their best confections for guests to enjoy during our Howl-O-Ween festivities.

The winner of this year’s contest is the pastry team from the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound. Led by Pastry Chef Amie Solitis, the team created an array of not-so-scary and totally yummy treats!  

To the left is a photo of her mummy-inspired treats. From a caramel apple covered in white chocolate to chocolate dipped marshmallows, cupcakes and strawberries, the team covered every sweet concoction to make these “berry-scary” treats. Want to see the rest of the entries? Check out the photo album on our Facebook page to view the all of the delicious delights from this year’s competition.

Throughout the month of October, all of our resorts are hosting Howl-O-Ween, and new themed treats and a variety of confections can all be found in the Bear Paw Eats & Sweets. I look forward to seeing what is new and in store for everyone as well as enjoy all of the Howl-O-Ween activities this month. I think a caramel apple is the perfect treat to enjoy after visiting the Trick-or-Treat Trail or attending the Spooktacular Story Time at the lodge. What is your favorite Howl-O-Ween treat?


In 2009 we created our Great Wolf Lodge Ask-A-Mom panel.  We chose 23 super fans—both moms and dads—to help guests plan their vacations at our lodges.  They answer guest questions through our online trip planning forum, askamom.greatwolf.com.  The “parent-to-parent” format lets guests ask questions about amenities, activities, events and attractions at the resorts, and gives them answers from moms and dads, just like them. 

This year we decided to take our panel to the next level.  We are searching for new Ask-A-Moms (and Dads) who can answer questions, but can also write blog posts for Behind the Howl.  Create videos for our guests offering advice and answering frequently asked questions.  Host Twitter parties and Facebook Q&A sessions.  And attend regular lodge events acting as ambassadors for Great Wolf Lodge.

We will accept applications for our 2013 Ask-A-Mom panel until Noon CDT on November 2nd.  The application process includes submitting a 300-500 word writing sample and a video submission, with a brief phone interview for our final selection.

If you love our lodges as much as we do and want to help spread the Great Wolf love, visit www.greatwolf.com/AAMsearch to apply for next year’s panel.

Fall is officially upon us, and that can only mean one thing — Howl-O-Ween!  Today officially marks the first day of our Howl-O-Ween celebration. 

We were recently mentioned in a CBS News article because of our Howl-O-Ween event, and I can’t blame them.  So much to do and see at the lodges.  We have our nightly costume parades — nothing cuter than wolf pups in costume.  There’s also pumpkin painting, our Trick-or-Treat Trail, Spooktacular Story Time and Monster Bash Dance Party.  Not to mention all the decorations.

This year we are adding to the family fun with our Howl-O-Ween Mobile Scavenger Hunt.  All you need is your mobile phone and your thinking cap. 

Once you get to the lodge you will find a QR code on our Howl-O-Ween posters and Trick-or-Treat Trail maps.  Scan the code, and you’re ready to go.  A mobile landing page will load along with your first clue.  Five clues will take you throughout the lodge to collect codes.  Enter the code in the box below the clue on your mobile phone and the next clue will open.  Once you’ve solved all five clues you will unlock a prize.

Another fun way to get your whole family in on the Howl-O-Ween fun.


Being a single mom and a full-time college student, I don't get to do very much with my son, like trips, but I thought that I would try this out. I am so glad that I did! My son and his buddy along with my boyfriend had such a fun time. The service was excellent and so was the food. The room we stayed in was very nice and clean and the kids loved it.

They had bunk beds and their own TV, which was a great feature.  We spent pretty much the whole day in the waterpark, which was patrolled very well by life guards.  Even though my son and his friend swim very well, it still was a comfort to know that they were doing their jobs. Excellent work to them!  The employees were just amazing with any help that you need, I give them an A+!  We had such an amazing time that I sure can't wait to book another time to come and stay.

Thank you for having a great place for a family to come and stay.

Name: Kristy
City: Carey
State: OH
Email: kritterbug9879@aol.com
Lodge: Sandusky, OH

My family and friends stayed at Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky AGAIN this weekend. I wanted to let you know what a great experience we had. 

  1. They upgraded our room do to vacancies. Which was great! We usually do the KidsCabin Suite, but couldn't afford it this time around.
  2. The room was so clean, and the bed was extremely comfortable.
  3. All of the staff was kind and courteous!
  4. And can we talk about your lifeguards!? Holy....greatness! Extremely attentive. I was worried because this was the first year we were there when my 4 year old could swim with no life jacket. With the lifeguards attentiveness, I was stress free, SCORE!  

Thank you for a wonderful stay. We will be back either around Halloween or Christmas time for my daughters birthday. Tough choice between the two holidays!

Thanks again!
Nowosielski Family

Name: Melissa Nowosielski
City: Perry Township
State: Ohio
Email: mnowosielski@roadrunner.com
Lodge: Sandusky, OH

Recently we visited Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains and had the chance to check out the brand new Howl at The Moon Glow Golf located on Level 1 of the resort as part of the newly added Main Street. Our family loves mini golf and could not wait to see what Howl at The Moon Glow Golf had to offer.

I loved that it was reasonably priced at $5.00 a person for 10 holes of mini golf fun.  Our family could not wait to dive into the fun.  We each chose a different golf ball, club and score card.  I am happy to say they had clubs of all sizes and weights so you could pick the one just right for you!

Howl at The Moon Glow Golf is a unique way to play mini golf. Everything glows under the black lights!  The mini golf course is fun and has surprises around every bend. It's yet another great addition to Great Wolf Lodge's Main Street!  It's a great family activity and fun for all ages.

Our family had a blast and already cannot wait to get back and play again!  Howl at The Moon Glow Golf is a themed mini-golf and the theme is perfect. It fits right into the whole Great Wolf mode and makes you feel like you are taking a walk through a forest filled with animal friends!

If you visit Great Wolf Lodge Poconos, be sure to check out Howl at The Moon Glow Golf for yourself. You will love it, too!  You may even get a Hole in One like my son Adam.

Name: Diane Sullivan
City: Newark
State: NJ
Email: elgeorgia@aol.com
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA



I come from a family of memory keepers—whatever the event; you better believe they are going to capture it.  First day of kindergarten?  Grab the camera.  Just got back from vacation?  Time to post a few albums on Facebook.  We have hundreds of memories hanging on our walls and nestled in perfectly labeled photo albums.  And I know I’m not alone.  Guests post dozens of photos to our Facebook page every day.  Families smiling and splashing.  Babies in wolf ears.  Kids asleep on the ride home.  They love to capture their entire trip and share the memories with us.

That’s why our new partnership with Shutterfly is so exciting.  We are giving guests the opportunity to take all the great memories they collect from their trip and keep them in one place—a Great Wolf Lodge Photo Book.  Did I mention it’s free? (yes free!)

Starting today, guests at our lodges will find a card in their room with a special code.  After your stay you can visit www.shutterfly.com/greatwolf, enter the code and upload photos.  You can even add captions so you won’t forget a thing.  Shutterfly lays them out in a Great Wolf Lodge themed photo book and sends it to you.  Perfect for my fellow memory keepers.  Display it proudly on your coffee table for friends and family to see. Tuck it on the shelf with your photo albums and bring it out to show the kids as they grow up.  The perfect souvenir to capture the memories you made with us.  Whether it’s your first trip or your 20th—we are giving you the perfect plays to keep your memories.    

So next time you stay at the lodge get your code and start making memories.

How well do you know the Great Wolf Kids characters?  Did you know that Wiley the Wolf’s favorite color is green?  Or that Violet loves gardening? 

You may have met our friends Wiley, Violet and Oliver, but did you know that there are even more Great Wolf Kids characters to love?

Good thing we put them all in one place for you to enjoy—the new www.greatwolfkids.com!

The new site introduces you to all of our friends, like Oliver’s sister Rachel and little Brinley Bear.  You can even find the story of how the Beaver Brothers built the entire waterpark. 

We also have a ton of new games like River Canyon Run where you explore the lazy river and try to navigate Wiley around the rapids.  Or Nab the Nails featuring the builders of our waterpark, Tooth & Nail.  Just watch out for the wrenches and hammers, those hurt.

Looking for fun kids activities like coloring sheets, printable games, recipes and stuff to do in the car?  You guessed it—all on www.greatwolfkids.com.

So the next time you are looking for a fun way to get your kids excited for a trip to the lodge, or if they’re just looking for some fun, send them to www.greatwolfkids.com

And check out our Facebook and Twitter pages in November.  We’ve got a fun contest planned using some of the activities on the new website.


Great Wolf Lodge strives to constantly add new venues and forms of entertainment at all of our resorts. This year, in addition to providing new attractions and amenities, we have focused on enhancing the guest experience. Most recently, several of the Great Wolf Lodge properties focused on one of our most popular entertainment outlets – the Northern Lights Arcade.

With the addition of the new games for all ages and skill levels, families can now use the latest technology in hands-on gaming—PawPoints! Instead of purchasing tokens to activate the arcade games, families can load their PawPoints cards, again and again, and enjoy hours of fun. The cards are reusable and save your points, too. So if you don’t win enough tickets to earn the prize you really want, save your PawPoints card bring it back with you to reload, reuse and redeem during your next visit. Another cool benefit of the PawPoint card? You can enter all of your earned tickets, and store your total on the card. No need to keep each individual ticket—the card makes ticket total storage easy.

For our guests who just can’t get enough of the arcade—or want to visit after the waterpark closes so they can maximize splishes and splashes—we have added hours of operation to the Northern Lights. 

In addition to the many new games and prize-winning opportunities, the overall look and feel of the arcades has changed drastically. From vibrant carpet to brightly painted walls, the arcades truly reflect the family fun atmosphere our Great Wolf Lodge resorts are known for.

Currently, the Northern Lights renovations are complete at the Grapevine Lodge and Kansas City Lodge. This month, the lodges in Williamsburg, Sandusky and Pocono Mountains will receive their gaming facelift and our remaining resorts will be complete by the end of the year.

Has your family challenged each other to a game of Skeeball recently? Do you have a favorite game? What do you think of the Northern Lights arcade? I hope you enjoy these changes as much as I do, as we continue to find ways to enhance your guest experience at each of our Great Wolf Lodge resorts.

During the summer months, I’ll have the opportunity to introduce you to our talented culinary team. Our executive chefs work each day to provide delicious, healthy, fun meals to our guests. I look forward to introducing them to you so you can learn a little more about what makes them howl in the Great Wolf Lodge kitchen.

Chef Ron Market has been a longtime member of the Great Wolf Lodge Food and Beverage pack. Two years ago, he took on the role of Executive Chef at the Lodge in the Poconos Mountains.

Starting as a Sous Chef at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, he soon worked his way up to Executive Sous Chef. At the same time, he also helped train the new food and beverage teams as resorts opened in Grand Mound, WA and Concord, NC.

Chef Market’s passion for culinary arts combined with his talent for taking the staples of family dining and making them extraordinary means that guests at Great Wolf Lodge receive memorable meals each time they dine. His leadership style motivates the Food and Beverage teams at all six outlets at the Pocono Mountains Lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge  What inspires you most as a chef?

Chef Ron Market  Having one of our younger guests stop me to say “Thank You! I ate a lot and had fun” is such a great feeling - especially after a demanding day. It also reminds me why we do this every day – to create a memorable vacation for families.

Great Wolf Lodge – Have you created something in the kitchen just for Great Wolf Lodge guests?

Chef Market  With the help of our very talented Sous Chefs, it would have to be our “Wolf it Down” pizza. It is a hand tossed brick oven-style pizza sold in the resort. Just recently, we opened a storefront near Bear Paw Eats & Sweets. Our guests love this easy dining option for lunch and dinner.

Great Wolf Lodge  What makes a meal at Great Wolf Lodge different from other places?

Chef Market – We strive to provide great comfort and specialty foods in a relaxed, kid-friendly environment. Our menu allows each member of the family to find something they enjoy to eat without sacrificing flavor.

Great Wolf Lodge  What new service(s) have you brought to Great Wolf Lodge?

Chef Market – During my time with the company, I have helped implement a strong allergy program. Our chefs go tableside to discuss the allergy directly with the guest and will then prepare a unique menu that is safe and enjoyable. This really takes the stress off the family and allows them to experience a fun meal together. Most families who deal with allergy issues on a daily basis are limited as to where they can go out to eat; we don’t want that to be the case at the Lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge  What advice do you offer to someone who wants to become a chef?

Chef Market – To be a great chef, you had better LOVE it. If you do love it, then every day in the kitchen is like coming home to your family!


In a food allergic world, where you are so limited with choices of places to dine at or vacation with, our family has found Great Wolf Lodge to be out of this world! Executive Chef Ron Market has made it his mission to safeguard his guests with food allergies by getting his entire Food and Beverage team on board. Each visit just gets better and better with the knowledge that your chefs have the options and the fact that they "get it". This has been a no-brainer when it comes to choosing where we'd like to spend time away from home and the comfort level is just amazing. My boys do their "Great Wolf" chant the whole way in to the Lodge and when we leave they cry and ask "when are we coming back?" We just love the whole team there and I hope more people choose to experience what we have because they will be amazed!

Name: Sue Harrison
City: Marlton
State: NJ
Email: martinichic1@verizon.net
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


We are very excited to celebrate the recent Pack Member promotion of James Anderson to General Manager of the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. As a long-time Pack Member, James truly understands what it means to create family traditions, one family at a time.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the best leaders in the industry here at Great Wolf Lodge and I’ve learned so much from each of them,” says James. “As the new general manager in Wisconsin Dells, I’ll share this wisdom with my Pack Members. Two lessons I learned early on are: To be available and be fair, and to take care of the team, so that in turn your guests will be taken care of with the service they deserve.”

During his 13 years as a Pack Member with Great Wolf Resorts, James has held many roles. Starting as a lifeguard at the Wisconsin Dells Lodge in 1999, he transferred to Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, and ultimately, Guest Services. In 2001, he moved to the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio. He also held leadership roles at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wis. and most recently, served as assistant general manager at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington.

Originally from New Mexico, James is excited to return to Badgerland with Laura, his wife of nine years, and their three children, Evelyn, 8; Hazel, 6 and Henry, six months. He is looking forward to leading the 400 Pack Members at the company’s first resort and the many new opportunities that lay ahead.

Next time your family visits the Wisconsin Dells resort, be sure to stop by and say hello to James. He is excited about his new role and continuing to ensure families like yours have safe, memorable and fun times at Great Wolf Lodge.


Earlier this summer we set out to give our Facebook fans the ultimate Summer Bucket List.  Each week we posted 10 must-do items on our Timeline and asked fans to contribute their ideas.  And contribute they did. 

We had so much fun on Facebook that we took to Twitter to get even more Great Wolf Lodge fans involved.  It was a great summer filled with great ideas.  To say farewell and thank everybody for participating, here is a peek at some of the good times we had this summer.

During the summer months, I’ll have the opportunity to introduce you to our talented culinary team. Our executive chefs work each day to provide delicious, healthy, fun meals to our guests. I look forward to introducing them to you so you can learn a little more about what makes them howl in the Great Wolf Lodge kitchen.

Executive Chef Russ MeeksStarting as a line cook at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells, Executive Chef Russ Meeks understands what it means to be a park of the “pack”. Serving in multiple roles over the last 12 years, he currently oversees the culinary team at the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte/Concord, North Carolina.

With degrees in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management, Chef Meeks understands the entire operation of food prep and team building.Through his innate creativity, he has developed his own twist on a few southern classics for guests to enjoy at the lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge – Do you have a favorite recipe or culinary treat that you have created just for our guests?

Chef Russ Meeks  During my time at the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte/Concord, I have perfected two very popular recipes for our guests - my Signature Southern Sweet Tea Barbeque sauce. After tasting my signature barbeque sauce an upcoming client requested two gallons to share with their office. It has become a very popular menu item at the lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge – What have you brought to Great Wolf Lodge during your time as a chef?

Chef Meeks – In addition to my Signature Sweet Tea Barbeque Sauce, we offer our guests a unique blend of chocolate and spices with my signature Howlin’ Hot Chocolate. During the holidays and cooler months in North Carolina, our guests enjoy this sweet indulgence. We are even working on a plan to sell a pre-portioned version for our resort guests. It is a very close replica for our guests who would like to enjoy a warm cup of Howlin’ Hot Chocolate at home.

Great Wolf Lodge  What inspires you most as a chef?

Chef Meeks  I was is inspired to be a Chef working the kitchen with my Grandmother. She encouraged me as a boy to help her make various things and taught me many secrets of cooking I still use today. It is a tradtion I continue to share with my family and friends.

Great Wolf Lodge  What advice do you offer to someone who wants to become a chef?

Chef Meeks – Have a passion for it! Live it! Learn something new every day! Being a chef takes constant change and the ability to adapt. For me, it is a great reward when I can showcase a new twist on a traditional recipe. Without a passion for the culinary arts, it can be very tough to excel in the dayo-to-day.

Great Wolf Lodge – What makes being a chef at Great Wolf Lodge so special?

Chef Meeks – Working for the lodges over the years I have learned a lot. Something that is very special to me is our allergy program. After working with these families in our restaurants I am inspired to make the experience something special for each guest.  These families tell us, the only time they get to eat out together is at the lodge. 

It’s that time of year again. Most of you have probably purchased school supplies and helped pick out the official “first day outfit”.  Some of you have even laced up shoes, helped strap on backpacks and walked your little one to the bus stop.

Back to school means a lot of things—the end of summer, new friends and new adventures. It also means that homework is once again part of the daily routine. And no matter where you live, or what grade your child is in, everyone is united by that first proverbial assignment, “How did you spend your summer break?”  Whether it’s drawing pictures, writing essays, giving speeches—the topic is one that schools across America love to kickoff each new year with.   All of us at Great Wolf Lodge want to get in on the fun with our version of this time honored assignment. We invite you to take part in our Back to School Contest

We want to hear your favorite Great Wolf Lodge memory.  Maybe your family visited this summer, and you can actually write about how you spent your summer break.  Or you can write about the very first time you met Wiley or Violet.  Does your family spend every Christmas with us for our Snowland celebration?  Whatever the memory, whatever the story, we want to hear it.

Your assignment is to write a 300 – 500 word story about your all-time favorite Great Wolf Lodge memory.  Get creative, because our judges will be picking three winners based on creativity, originality and of course, sticking to the assigned topic.

This contest is open to Great Wolf Lodge fans in the US (including DC) and Canada (excluding Quebec), age 13 and up.  Your assignment is due Noon CT on September 18th.  And don’t forget the photos of your stay, not only do we love seeing them, but at least one photo is needed to enter.  Entering is easy, just visit the Contest section of our blog.

So pull out those spiral-bound notebooks and #2 pencils and start writing!

For official rules visit gwld.gs/fbContest

Every summer my parents (65 & 66 years old), 6-year old niece and 11-year old nephew and I (39 years old) take a vacation together. This year the kids picked Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas after seeing commercials on one of the New Orleans TV Stations.

Our vacation was awesome. We checked in to the Great Wolf Lodge at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 8, went to the indoor waterpartk and played til 8:30. We order food from the snack shop, which we thought was resonably priced, ate then we went straight to our room for the night. The kids were so tired that they did not even want to play video games or participate in the MagicQuest game. 

The next morning we got up to go eat with Wiley and Violet at Camp Critter Bar & Grille, but were told we had to make reservations, so we made them for 9 and hung out in the lobby for an hour.  We couldn't pass up the chance to eat with Wiley and Violet.  After eating with the characters, which was well worth the money, we headed to our room, the KidCabin, packed up and at about 10:30 checked out of our room, put our luggage in the truck and enjoyed both the indoor and outdoor waterparks.

At about 2 pm both kids were ready to shower, dress and hit the road to explore the Grapevine Area. We had a blast! The only thing we think can be inproved upon is the room lighting and when you check in the front desk should tell you that you need to make restervations for the Camp Critter Breakfast. Other than that we can't wait to come back hopefuly next year!

Name: Michelle LeBoeuf
City: Houma
State: Louisiana
Email: shellyonbayoucoteau@yahoo.com
Lodge: Grapevine, TX