Happy Moms Pack the Pack:  If there is one thing we don’t have much of around here, it’s “co-workers”, but who needs them when you have a Pack?  Co-workers are those things that have a cube near yours and give a stiff “hello” upon meeting you in a break room.  A pack is a group of people that work together and drive each other forward, with speed, support and passion. 

Apparently we are recognized as a happy bunch too!  I recently had someone from another floor in our office building enter the elevator with me.  He looked at me and pressed “7” for himself and “6” for me.  Wondering how he knew where I worked, I checked myself for any sign of Great Wolf wear, paws or logos – I wore none.  He just smiled and said “I know you Great Wolf people, you’re the ones that always look so happy to be coming to work.”  This is true.

Time for Your Family, Time for My Family:   It’s no secret that Great Wolf Lodge changes with the seasons.  We enjoy the waves of families during summer and welcome them in for our Snowland celebration in the winter.  Our promise is to make time for your family, and we are so excited to share your vacation with you no matter the season. 

My non-Great Wolf family experiences seasons too.  We have sick days and vacation times (it’s not always at Great Wolf Lodge, but yes, my family enjoys its fair share of the waterpark).  We have school programs to attend and family to help.  And, Great Wolf wants me to be spending time with my family too. 

Howlin' at home

It’s Fun to Share:  Like most parents, sometimes I need to bring my work home with me.  But to me it isn’t work, its fun.  And I get to share the fun with my kids.  We talk about the Great Wolf characters a lot – we color their pictures (you can print them online at greatwolfkids.com), review their factoids from our trading cards (coming to the Lodges soon!), and play with the plush versions. And just like at the lodges, story time includes a lot of howling.

And that nagging feeling – every working mother knows it – of “where should I be right now?” is balanced a little more every time we share.  I love my kids and I love my work.  But there is an added bonus at Great Wolf Lodge – my kids love my work and even my work loves my kids.  How’s that for a love triangle?

For me, there isn’t a work life and a home life.  I just have a life – and I love howling through every minute of it.