It's National Ice Cream month, and over here at Great Wolf Lodge there are so many ways to enjoy this delightful treat.  In case any cravings occur on your upcoming trip, we wanted to make sure you knew right where to find your fix!

Ice Cream Cones in Bear Paw Sweets & Eats:

Best time to enjoy:  We love a scoop (or 2…maybe 3) to share during or after Story Time.  Yummy cones are available in Bear Paw, which is located not too far from the Grand Lobby—and that’s right where you want to be at 8:00 p.m. every night.

Our favorite part:  The cone.  It’s by far one of the most delicious ways to be eco-friendly on vacation (no dish, no trash—BOOM).

Availability:  All Great Wolf Lodge locations.


Ice Cream Pedicures at Scooops Kid Spa:

Best time to enjoy:  Choose your luxury by appointment at Scooops Kid Spa.

Our favorite part:  While our feet soak in the ice cream themed suds, we can’t resist taking an ice cream personality test.  Here—you can give it a try from home too!  Click here for a downloadable ice cream personality PDF.

Availability:  All Great Wolf Lodge locations.


Robofusion Ice Cream Experience: 

Best time to enjoy:  If the robot’s scoopin’, the kids start groupin’.  Any time is robot time.

Our favorite part:  There is nothing more entertaining than watching this robot make your ice cream for you!

Availability:  Most Great Wolf Lodge locations.


Dippin' Dots in the Waterpark:    

Best time to enjoy:  Before, after (but not during) any waterslide.  Why not every waterslide?  Tastes great with a side of nachos.

Our favorite part:  No matter how long you’ve been around to hear it, this is STILL the ice cream of the future.

Availability:  All Great Wolf Lodge locations.


Mammoth Sundae on the after-dinner table:

Best time to enjoy:  After dinner.  We’re talking about a GIANT 5-scoop build-your-OWN sundae… covered in assorted deliciousness!  Um, YEAH that’s right, this is for AFTER dinner!  (You’re welcome, Mom.)

Our favorite part:  It’s build-your-own.  We always get it just the way we like it.

Availability:  Most Great Wolf Lodge locations.


Give us the scoop, what's your favorite ice cream treat at Great Wolf Lodge?  Leave a comment below to vote for your fav.