I’m so excited to announce that the all new Great Wolf Kids Coloring & Activity Book is now at Great Wolf Lodge—full of mazes, matching, coloring, tracing, counting, finding, designing, drawing and unscrambling!  There are HOURS of activities stuffed into these 40 pages of fun.  Coloring & Activity Books are available now in Cub Club® at every Great Wolf Lodge—grab some for the kids during your next trip!

But while the adventure with this fun new book is about to begin for your kids, it is just winding down for us.  And I thought you might want to know…how does a good idea—like a fun activity book—get to Great Wolf Lodge?  Here’s the “behind the howl” story for you.

Step One:  Research it.  The Kids Experience Pack goes to work finding the most fun, engaging activities that will be enjoyable for kids of most ages.  We dig though section after section of in-store kids’ books, scrolled the top-selling sections of online distributors and combed our own files of the best activities for crayons and pencils.  When reviewing the list, we got rid of anything too hard or too boring and kept working on anything that really made our crayons happy.

Step Two:  Brand it.  My favorite.  It’s one thing to provide you with a white sheet of paper covered with black-lined mazes.  Start here.  End there.  No problem. It’s another to put a story behind WHO is starting, WHERE are they going and WHY are they wanting to get there?  So what used to be a block-shaped maze, is now the shape of an ice-cream cone that Violet navigates to get to her favorite sweet treat: a strawberry ice cream cone!  We wanted to give you a birthday cupcake to design—but who baked it?  Sprinkles the Bear, of course. And a crossword is no fun if you can’t figure out the answers—so factoids are strategically placed all throughout the book to keep your kids learning and help them along the way.

Step 3:  Design it.  Our Creative Services Pack is just nuts about new Kids projects.  After receiving the fun content, they went to work putting together all the wonderful artwork.  Some of the characters are sporting their pajamas for the first time on coloring pages, while other pages give you tips and hints to learn to draw the characters on your own!  Every page is full of color, with just the right amount of room for you to add your own artistry.  The vivid backgrounds and fun activities really give kids a lot to howl about!

Step 4:  Test it.  After all of our pack members went through the book, we were ready to put it to the test—bring in the kids.  Were the 3 and 4-year olds thrilled to see their favorite characters on the pages? YES.  Did the 8 and 9-year-olds have a blast competing against mom in a game of Dots?  YES!  Did the tweens and teens agree that the book held an “adorable factor” that couldn’t be better? YES!  

After a few days at the printer, the new Coloring & Activity Books have arrived at Great Wolf Lodge.  All I can think is, man, if I was a crayon I’d be all OVER this book! 

So next time you’re packing that suitcase full of swimsuits and goggles—don’t forget to grab a box of crayons!