I'm hanging out with my new BFF - Oliver Raccoon - as he prepares for his upcoming stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  Oliver's arrival has been a plan in the works since early last summer, and he is more ready than ever for his debut event: Oliver's Big Day, scheduled for April 14, 2012.  Join him for a DJ Dance Party, Story Time appearances and lots of fun surprises!  Visit greatwolf.com/oliver for complete event details at a lodge near you. 

And just what is Oliver Raccoon most excited about for his visit to Great Wolf LodgeMagiQuest, of course!  He has an amazing collection of wand toppers, featuring the most powerful secrets to defeat the mighty dragon. From the looks of his suitcase, he's going to pack them all!

My personal favorites about Oliver are found in his quiet, heroic personality.  Oliver is the younger brother of Rachel Raccoon, and where she is the more talkative of the two, Oliver keeps things pretty quiet.  But when asked, this little genius is just FULL of information.  His zillions of zippers on his cargo shorts and nifty camper vest are always full of techie devices.  When planning building projects like forts or waterparks, his little detailed calculations always help things turn out just right.

Speaking of planning... my kids - crazed with excitement - have already brought out the suitcase in preparation for our own visit to meet Oliver on April 14 at the Wisconsin Dells Lodge.  Swimsuits - check.  MagiQuest wands - check.  And for this special visit, I'm packing the orange shirts and cargo gear to dress my kiddos up just like their new buddy Oliver.  Great Wolf is hosting an Oliver Look-A-Like Contest and you can join the fun too.  Snap pics of your family dressed up like Oliver and find the details to enter online.  Enter for a chance to win an Oliver Prize Pack and an overnight stay at any Great Wolf Lodge.

You can learn more about Oliver Raccoon and all of his friends at greatwolfkids.com.  Play fun games, find out what's new and grab some activities for your drive to the lodge!