Excitement continues to build as we are just a few months away from the grand opening of Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota.  One member of our pack just couldn’t wait!   Wiley the Wolf, the leader of our pack, already made his way to the Twin Cities.  On his way to get a sneak peek at the new Great Wolf Lodge, Wiley took in some sights in and around Minneapolis

It was such a pleasure spending the day with Wiley as we crisscrossed the Twin Cities.  It’s clear that we have some incredible Great Wolf Lodge fans in the Minneapolis region.  As Wiley traveled across the area, it warmed my heart to see so many children run up and give him a big ole hug, or high paw.   And as you’ll see from the video of his adventures, it wasn’t just the kids who love Wiley!

We hope you enjoy this video of Wiley’s adventures!  We look forward to welcoming our first guests to Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota this December.  

I’m a father of three rambunctious kids, ages 10, 7 and 3.   I love them to pieces, but after chasing them around all day, this worn-out daddy has been known to pour a glass of red wine and soak in a moment of peace and tranquility after they’ve gone to bed. 


That’s why I’m extremely excited about this new service being offered by Great Wolf Lodge called Wine Down Service.


Parents now have the ability to “wine down” with a nice bottle of wine, perfectly paired with either a savory or sweet culinary treat after a fun-filled day of play with the kids in the water park.  The evening Wine Down Service menu features top scoring wines from The Wine Group combined with tantalizing culinary treats to create a pairing that will truly entice your taste buds. 


And, the packages are reasonably priced, just $35 for a full bottle of wine paired with either a sweet or savory treat – and delivery is included!  It’s simple to order.  Just visit the guest services desk and a pack member will take your order and set-up a delivery time -- any time between 8-11pm.  Best of all, instead of knocking on your door and potentially waking the kiddos, Great Wolf Lodge will send you a text message prior to delivery so you can be at the door waiting.  


On the menu you will find four carefully curated pairings to choose from: 


Rekindle the Bonfire:  A romantic and classic pairing with a Great Wolf Lodge twist.  This package includes a bottle of Chloe Prosecco paired with luscious dark chocolate-covered strawberries marked with white chocolate paw prints.     


While the Pups Sleep, Chardonnay:  This tasty pairing featuring brie, dried apricots and crackers, which unlocks the apple and citrus flavors found in the Cupcake Chardonnay it is paired alongside. 


It’s Been A Fun-Filled Day, Time For Some Cabernet:  A platter of cured meats such as prosciutto and soppressata served with Mediterranean green and black olives comes accompanied by Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon, recognized by the editors of Wine Enthusiast magazine as a top choice.  


Kids Snoring, More Pinot Noir-ing:  Decadent chocolate truffles served with bite-sized dark chocolate morsels brings to life the luxurious, fruit-forward flavor and velvety texture of Love Noir, a Pinot Noir that has burst onto the wine scene with high acclaim. 


The service will launch at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg and Grapevine after Memorial Day weekend, with plans to expand the service to additional resorts later this year.


We hope you enjoy our new Wine Down Service. I know this is a treat my wife and I plan to enjoy on our next getaway to Great Wolf Lodge!

When I first became a parent, someone once told me with children you find the days are long, but the years are short.  Several days removed from my oldest daughter’s 10th birthday, not only do I find that to adage to be very true, but I find it is true in many other aspects of life.  For example, I cannot believe that Great Wolf Lodge Southern California just celebrated its 1st anniversary when it seems like yesterday announced the first and only indoor waterpark in California.  

One year later, we have welcomed countless families, creating fun-filled memories that will be shared between parents and their children for years and years.   I happened to be at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California on the eve of the anniversary, and took such joy in seeing all the smiling faces and wolf-ear wearing kids bounding across the lobby.

That evening, however, it wasn’t just howling children popping up in the lobby.  There was also a very special first anniversary gift under construction.  To celebrate this milestone we wanted to do something unique for our guests, something worthy of a first anniversary celebration.  The traditional first anniversary gift is paper.   Paper?  What fun can you have with paper?  

Well, leave it to the imagination of the team here at Great Wolf Lodge and a paper anniversary gift becomes the world’s largest origami birthday cake!   Stretching nearly 10-feet in the air and six feet in diameter, the cake was made entirely of paper and featured hand-folded origami woodland creatures such as brown bears, beavers and a nearly 3-foot tall grey wolf.

It took a team of four origami artists 10 days, nearly 200 square feet of handmade Japanese paper and over 3,200 folds to build this remarkable creation.  

Guests visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California over the past few weeks have had a chance to see this impressive piece of art first-hand, but knowing we have fans all over North America we wanted to share some origami fun with everyone. 

We asked noted origami artist, Linda Mihara, to help us create step-by-step instructions on how she folded some of the creatures adorning this origami cake.   It’s a fun activity you can do at home with your children.  We hope you enjoy!


Origami Wolf Tutorial 

Origami Paw Tutorial