Father’s Day is fast approaching; the day to celebrate dads and everything they do. From changing diapers and fixing “boo boo’s” to checking tire pressure and babysitting grandchildren, dads show their love in many ways. Their support is invaluable. So, why limit Father’s Day to a one-day celebration? Let’s celebrate dads this summer by showing them how much they’re appreciated with quality time.

Sure, gifts that can be unwrapped will be a physical reminder of the love shared, but there’s nothing more special than memories made and time spent. Let’s create memories wearing wolf ears and laughing while getting absolutely soaked by the tipping bucket. Let’s conquer dragons together on a quest to become Master Magi’s. Let’s take photos that will last a lifetime.

The Summer Bucket List is meant to help you show dad just how much he means to you with every item. Print out this PDF and bring it along on your next Great Wolf Lodge adventure with dad. Try to check everything off the list and make sure to talk, ask each other questions, and most importantly, laugh. You’re sure to make lasting memories, and maybe even learn a little something new about each other along the way.

Download the GWL Adventures with Dad Summer Bucket List.

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