Happy birthday to one of the happiest bears in the Northwoods—our friend Brinley bear!  

If you haven't had the chance to meet Brinley yet, let me introduce you.  Brinley is one of our Great Wolf Kids Characters, who recently traveled across the country as part of our Wolf Your World tour.  He is a sweetheart and loves to laugh and play all day—he is a SUPERB Hide & Seek player.

And while his favorite food might be honey, he won't turn down a good ice cream sandwich from Bear Paw!

His favorite season is spring, he just loves taking hikes in the Northwoods with his friends on a lovely spring afternoon.

Now that Brinley is back from touring North America with his friends, you can spot him at our Sandusky, OH; Niagara Falls, ON and Concord, NC lodges.  Or you can check out his favorite games and activities on www.greatwolfkids.com.

Don't forget to leave a comment with your birthday wishes for our special little bear cub.