If you’ve been to Great Wolf Lodge before, you’ve seen them—dozens of children wielding magic wands in the hope of becoming a Master Magi and defeating the dragon. 

This fall, we are calling upon these Magi for a new quest—they must help us save the vanishing light in our new interactive adventure ShadowQuest.

Over the past few nights, the Sky Lights have been mysteriously vanishing from the night sky.  The Light Pixies are desperate for answers.  Their leader, Lumina, has been working tirelessly to identify the mysterious threat to the Sky Lights—and to her people. 

Lumina and the sky lights need help from the Magi.

Utilizing the same magic wands, the Magi must venture through the resort in search of crystals, artifacts and magical lands to battle the evil yeti Malakai. 

To help Lumina and the Light Pixies, join the quest this fall at these locations:

Wisconsin Dells
Grand Mound