Summer is officially upon us.  That means lots of family time—BBQs, picnics, tee ball games, pool time.  And then everybody’s favorite, the family vacation. 

I don’t know about you, but my summer filled up fast this year.  So fast that my summer to-do list is packed to the brim—and I know I’m not alone.  In honor of crazy summer schedules everywhere, we’ve put together our very own Great Wolf Lodge Summer Bucket List.  Each Wednesday for ten weeks we will post our Top 10 Summer Bucket List on our Facebook page.  Our lists will include fun items that you and your family can do together to maximize family fun this summer.  That’s 100 ideas for a summer’s worth of fun.

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Bucket List Week 1

But it doesn’t stop there, we’ve got a Summer Bucket List tab on our Facebook page where you can post your own must-do items.  Is there one activity that you and your family have to do this summer?  Some place that you and your family have to visit or the summer wouldn’t be complete?  Add it on our Summer Bucket List tab and just click “Create topic”. 

You can also vote on topics posted by us and other fans.  Did someone post an idea that you love?  Click “love it”.  Every vote and every topic will earn you points.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a fun contest announcement, so start posting and voting to earn those points.

What’s on your Summer Bucket List