We recently announced our 2013 Ask-A-Mom (and dads)—our resident parent experts who provide their tips and tricks for a great trip to the lodge.  Over the coming weeks, we are going to introduce you to each of them and give you a look at why they love Great Wolf Lodge.  Today, meet Naomi, our Kansas City Ask-A-Mom. A native of Oahu, Hawaii (jealous), she lived in Texas, Washington and Tennessee before landing in Wichita, Kansas.

We live in the middle of Kansas, in the middle of the country. It’s very flat and dry here, which is pretty much the opposite of where I grew up in the Windward Mountains of Oahu, Hawaii. Being landlocked is okay, for the most part, but the weather here is totally insane.

The skies here in the plains states are unbelievably gorgeous. Wide open and blue with nothing to interrupt the endless horizon, it’s easy to see why a song like “Home on the Range” was written. But the past two summers have been so hot and dusty that the kids haven’t even wanted to go outside. It’s like being inside of an oven for much of the year. Or, more accurately, like walking into a hairdryer since hot wind whips all around you. In the wintertime, the winds are icy cold and cut right through to your bones. For two or three weeks a year, intermittently, the weather is perfect here in Wichita. It’s kind of hard to plan family get-togethers when Mother Nature is always playing tricks on you.

One of the things my family loves most about Great Wolf Lodge is that the environment is controlled. Sure, it’s a three hour drive from Wichita, but once we get there it’s going to be a balmy 84º no matter what time of year it is—and no matter what kind of craziness is going on outside! Everything is under one family-focused, climate-controlled roof. We can spend our days in bathing suits, on fantastic quests or even getting pampered in the spa. My kids note that even bedtime is more fun at Great Wolf because they get to sleep in the Wolf Den. Anytime going to bed is less than a struggle, I am mightily impressed! Truth be told, they’re usually ready for sleep after packing all the Great Wolf Lodge fun into their day.