With the kick-off of our Wolf Your World Tour less than a week away, I wanted to introduce you to the awesome tour team.  Of course you know Sammy the Squirrel, Oliver Raccoon, Wiley and Violet the Wolf, Rachel Raccoon and Brinley Bear.  But they are only half of the team that will be traveling lodge-to-lodge this summer.  While the Great Wolf Kids Characters are being—well, kids—our human pack members will be following them around the country, howling as they go.  So of course, you should get to know them too!

On the left we have Kristen—she’s our Brand Marketing Manager.  You will see her at our Concord, Mason and Williamsburg lodges.  Be sure to give her lots of high paws, they’re her favorite.

Then there’s our social wolf—Emily (that’s me!).  I’m the Social Media Manager and love taking selfies with Sammy.  I’ll be running around the Pocono Mountains, Traverse City and Grand Mound.  

In the middle is Lynnsey—our Sr. Manager of Kids Experience.  The Great Wolf Kids Characters are her best friends and she knows everything there is to know about them.  Don’t believe me?  Ask her!  She’ll be at our Pocono Mountains, Grapevine and Sandusky lodges. 

Next to her is Susie—our Director of Communications.  You’ve seen all of her fun stories on our blog.  This summer you can find her at our Grapevine, Traverse City and Williamsburg lodges. 

All the way on the right next to Brinley is Colleen—she’s our Advertising & Partnerships Manager.  This summer she’ll be heading to Concord, Mason and Kansas City.  Whenever you see her, show her your Great Wolf Stomp.  She loves to “Stomp, Stomp, Clap, Clap, Howl”.

Throughout the summer you’ll see photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from the tour team.  And don’t miss the blog posts about their adventures on the road.

See you this summer!