We recently announced our 2013 Ask-A-Mom (and dads)—our resident parent experts who provide their tips and tricks for a great trip to the lodge.  Over the coming weeks, we are going to introduce you to each of them and give you a look at why they love Great Wolf Lodge.  Meet Dave for our Pocono Mountains lodge—husband, father of two, runner with a PhD in neuroscience with a passion for travel.

Why does my family love Great Wolf Lodge? Wow, that’s a loaded question now, isn’t it?  Nevertheless, I’ll take a stab at it.  Things our family loves:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.
Brown paper packages tied up with strings.

Wait! Shoot, wrong list, sorry about that.  While we do love all those things mentioned above, this is the list I meant to include:

Spending time together.
Swimming and laughing.
Cookies, Brownies, ICE CREAM.

All of these things we can do at Great Wolf Lodge.  Yes, of course they are not exclusive to Great Wolf Lodge, but we relished them during our recent stay at the Sandusky, OH property, and the family memories created have produced a soft spot in our heart for the resort.

Admittedly, I am not an expert on Great Wolf Lodge, but in addition to Sandusky, OH, we have also visited the Niagara Falls, Ontario location.  That being said, as a Dad who likes to travel and is the family’s vacation planner, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on family travel (at least our family travel).  We have journeyed extensively throughout the country—from New York City, to Walt Disney World, to California and many places in between.  And our stays at Great Wolf Lodge compare favorably to any other vacation, and have always allowed us to unwind and relax in a fun, safe environment.   

If I had to think of a favorite experience at Great Wolf Lodge, it has to be the water park itself.  Having access to a full water park, only steps away from our luxurious hotel suite, is heavenly.  The water was toasty warm (a definite plus for the cold water wimp in me) and we took advantage of every slide and water feature in the park.  And after playing for hours in the warm water, it was soooooo easy to fall asleep in our soft and cushy bed.

Why would I like to be selected for Great Wolf Lodge’s Ask-a-Mom (or Dad) Panel?  Mostly because I really enjoy sharing my travels and have a spot in my heart reserved for Great Wolf Lodge.