How well do you know the Great Wolf Kids characters?  Did you know that Wiley the Wolf’s favorite color is green?  Or that Violet loves gardening? 

You may have met our friends Wiley, Violet and Oliver, but did you know that there are even more Great Wolf Kids characters to love?

Good thing we put them all in one place for you to enjoy—the new!

The new site introduces you to all of our friends, like Oliver’s sister Rachel and little Brinley Bear.  You can even find the story of how the Beaver Brothers built the entire waterpark. 

We also have a ton of new games like River Canyon Run where you explore the lazy river and try to navigate Wiley around the rapids.  Or Nab the Nails featuring the builders of our waterpark, Tooth & Nail.  Just watch out for the wrenches and hammers, those hurt.

Looking for fun kids activities like coloring sheets, printable games, recipes and stuff to do in the car?  You guessed it—all on

So the next time you are looking for a fun way to get your kids excited for a trip to the lodge, or if they’re just looking for some fun, send them to

And check out our Facebook and Twitter pages in November.  We’ve got a fun contest planned using some of the activities on the new website.