I know I’ve said this before, but I just love hearing stories from our guests about the experiences they have at our lodges.  One particular story, emailed to our Niagara Falls lodge by David Vernon, caught my eye.  It’s a simple story really—the tale of a father, a daughter and a friendly bet.

My family and I have visited Great Wolf Lodge for the past few years and always have a great time.  Last year was the best because we discovered your latest addition—MagiQuest.

After last February's visit, my daughter was looking at her wristband and asked how long I thought it would stay on her arm.  I told her that it would probably wear out and fall off within a few months.  Being a typical 11 year old, she said that she thought it would last a long time, "like, at least a year".  

This is where it got interesting—she wanted to bet me that she could wear it for one year and that it would not fall apart.  If she won, I’d take her to Great Wolf Lodge again.  Foolishly, I made the bet.

Just this past month we hit the one year mark, and what do you know, she still has that wristband on her arm.

It’s a little bit worn, but the darn thing is still there.  I never would have thought that it would last that long.  Of course I assumed that it was made of strong material and designed to last for a typical visit, but had no idea it would hold up for an entire year.  It is a true testament to the strength and durability of those things.  So much durability that it just cost me $500. 

We are getting ready to come again to Great Wolf Lodge and wondered if anyone is interested to see it.  She might sell it for say......$500

I wonder if there is a record for wearing one.