Recently our family visited one of our favorite getaway spots in the Pocono Mountains, Great Wolf Lodge, for the kick off of their winter holiday season, Snowland. There is no time more magical to visit Great Wolf. Just entering the lobby will take your breath away - from the floor to ceiling tree, life-size Gingerbread House, grand fireplace and the array of glistening snowflakes that make you feel like you just stepped into a winter wonderland.

Visiting during Snowland is different than visiting at any other time of year. Yes, you still get to hang out in the 84 degree waterpark no matter how much snow is outside, there's MagiQuest and many other activities, but something is very different - it's just a feeling of happiness that glows through the lodge.

There are also special activities you will want to check out when you stay during Snowland. Santa visits on the weekends, a red mailbox is in the lobby that will deliver your message directly to the North Pole, and you can stop by Great Wolf Kids where they will provide you with themed paper to write your letter to Santa. So adorable! We happen to be there the night Santa arrived via fire truck, with a marching band and a bunch of characters. 

One of our favorite parts of Snowland is seeing the life-size Gingerbread House. The house is made from gingerbread baked right inside the local GWL. It is adorned with cookies, candies, and over fifty pounds of PEEPS! Your family can even dine inside by making a reservation for one of the many seatings. There is a $10 fee to dine inside the gingerbread house, and this fee is donated to the local Ronald McDonald House. We have dined there a few times and it is just a beautiful experience. Your family will definitely be talking about it for years to come.

Name: Diane S.

Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA

Your first vacation with your kids has to be something very special, something they will remember forever.

So after much consideration, we decided to visit Great Wolf Lodge in December: the only place I know of where you have snow in the lobby, Story Time in your jammies and a delightful, enormous bucket of water that dumps on your head and almost knocks you over. I know, it sounds perfect. It was!

We didn't tell our kids where we were going. I packed them in secret and we hopped in the car. The closer we got, I started humming the Great Wolf Lodge theme song. As we were pulling onto Great Wolf Lodge's street, I started singing "Going to the Lodge..." and the kids went nuts.

They were thrilled with the entire experience, and I was too. When it was time to leave, we decided that if we could, we would live at Great Wolf Lodge. We can't wait to go back!!

Victoria Keen
Fort Worth, TX

Last winter, I went to Great Wolf Lodge. I had lots of fun at the indoor water park. One of my favorite things to do was go to Fort Mackenzie because I loved the twisting and turning slides. The tipping bucket that splashed down tons of water was fun because the anticipation of water falling was exciting. The Alberta Falls was a ride that my father and I enjoyed many times together. At first I was a little scared to go down the tube ride by myself so my father joined me on my first ride. I loved the splishing, splashing, twisting and turning. We kept on going on Albert Falls until my dad said he needed to take a rest from climbing the steps. It is a ride that I will continue to take with my dad on our next visit. I didn’t like the mountain edge raceway because the mat wasn’t as comfortable as a tube. The Slap Tail Pond was one of my favorites because I loved floating on the huge waves.

At first I thought MagiQuest would be boring because I thought it was for younger kids. Once I tried Magiquest I found it to be interesting and fun. I liked the scavenger hunting with my pink MagiQuest wand. The running around on the different floors made it more exciting because more than one floor to explore. My next visit I will surely bring my wand to play again.

For our next visit we will be staying in a KidCabin Suite. This is so exciting because I get my own little cabin inside the room. I get to camp out while my parents sleep outside the cabin. I have never been in a KidCabin Suite before and I hope it will be fun.

Our last visit I did enjoy the Story Time, but towards the end of the story I went to play Magiquest and I still was able to listen to the story.  We didn’t have time on our visit to play in the arcade, but I might try to get it in on our next visit.

We didn’t bring our camera on our first visit because my parents didn’t want to ruin the camera. We will be bringing the camera this time because there are many places to store the camera when they are done using it. Since we didn’t have a picture of our first visit, I asked my mom to take a picture of the two items on my list to take on our next visit. In the picture is my bunny and my pink MagiQuest wand.

Jessica Frank
Elon, NC


It started like any other event in our life.. .I make a million efforts at researching a place for our family to go spend quality time together for a winter get away. Unlike other families, our trip is 100% based on where can I get a full kitchen to cook for my children in our room because of their food allergies to milk and soy.

Amazingly I stumbled across Great Wolf Lodge where they provide a microwave and sink in the suite.  I also found out that they actually have concerned and educated chefs who will accomodate my children's needs for their meals. This left us with the ability to go have an amazing time at their fabulous indoor water park and then go to the restaurant to enjoy hot prepared meals.

This is one in a million for us. We are not accustomed to this service and we had an incredible experience. My children were elated that they could not only swim at the best waterpark ever, but go eat like "normal" families without feeling like we are hiding in our rooms to eat.

Thank you a million times Great Wolf Lodge for the best mini vacation ever!!

Melinda Joseph
Zanesville, OH



My wife and my son love the Great Wolf Lodge so much that we have been there three times already. Being afraid of the water due to my inability to swim, I didn't enjoy my previous stays to the max.

However, it all changed this time when we visited the lodge earlier this month. My son asked me to get into several sections of the waterpark. Playing basketball and floating around in tubes finally made me relax enough that I bought a waterproof camera from the lodge's shop and when the roll was developed, this photograph of my aqua boy made me happy. As a family, we always have a good time at the Great Wolf Lodge and this photograph is a witness to that.

Kashif Javaid
Williamsburg, VA


When my hubby approached me weeks before my upcoming 50th birthday, he gave me an open book on how I would like to celebrate it. My heart kept going back to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. There is something truly magical about that resort that I just cannot shake. I love the coziness.

I had told hubby the perfect birthday would be to go to the Great Wolf Lodge, grab some Starbucks, some Bubble Gum fudge (my favorite) and relax in the lobby. The kids thought it would be fun to go bowling at the Ten Paw Alley and I could not have agreed more. I was not sure until days before that I was actually going to Great Wolf Lodge. Hubby is quite a secret keeper.

My birthday arrived and we were off to Great Wolf Lodge!

As soon as I entered the lobby, I knew I made the right choice. We headed right to the Starbucks! Yes!  I was amazed to see the gingerbread house still up in the lobby. I was under the impression it would be taken down after Christmas, only to find out it would be up until the end of January. Each and every Great Wolf Lodge has built their own unique gingerbread house.

I had no idea of what the rest of the day would bring!  We headed off for some bowling at Ten Paw Alley, Northern Lights Arcade and MagiQuest!

I was having such a wonderful that I could not imagine the day could get any better. Then I got a huge surprise: My family announced that we were going to have my birthday dinner inside the gingerbread house! I was thrilled, I had wanted to dine inside the gingerbread house during our last stay, but there was no availability. What a surprise! It brought me to tears.

Dinner time arrived. It felt incredible to be inside the gingerbread house. I was delighted to be surrounded by gingerbread walls decked out with fruit slices, peppermints, kisses, licorice, rock candy and gumdrops of many colors. The doorway was lined with gingerbread men! There was a fireplace inside, including graham crackers. I loved the huge lollipops in planters and the monster-sized red gummy bear! This was something very special and I wanted to make it last forever. I just sat there and took it all in.

At dessert time servers entered the gingerbread house singing and clapping, carrying a festive plate overfilled with goodies and adorned with lit candles of all colors. I was really taken back.

It was a birthday I will never forget, at my favorite place in the whole world—Great Wolf Lodge.

It was pure magic—birthday magic! It's a birthday memory with my family that will last forever.

Diane Sullivan
Pocono Mountains, PA


All Emily wanted for her 11th birthday was a special trip to Great Wolf Lodge for some mother/daughter time.

She gave up getting presents and a party and asked everyone to contribute to her wish. Knowing that she is at that precarious preteen age where things are changing and emotions are raging, as well as being the middle child with a brother, sister and 3 stepsiblings, we all agreed this would be a good time for Emily to get some one on one attention and have some fun. What I didn't plan on was how this trip would be good for Emily's SOUL.

During our two day stay I watched my daughter blossom from a sullen tween anxious about going back to school into an open book of emotions about her feelings and thoughts on life. She was so grateful for our time together she was in tears many times because she was so happy. We had so many good talks about friends, family and school.  My favourite moment was when Emily wanted to read her baby book, which is a tradition we do on birthdays.  In the book, she found a letter that I had written her when she was turning one and had stayed in an envelope in her baby book for 10 years. In the letter I told my baby girl how special and loved she is and when my grown up baby girl read those words she felt so loved and treasured and through her tears said "Thank you Mom".

Taking time out of our lives to go on this special trip was an incredible bonding experience for Emily and me, during a time in her life when she needs to feel this the most.

Name: Serina Purdy
City: Burlington
State: Ontario
Lodge: Niagara Falls, ON


My family and I have such a wonderful time at Great Wolf Lodge every time we go. Our children love the lodge so much that my oldest daughter, Halie, picked Great Wolf as her school project.

Herproject read: I've dedicated my project to Great Wolf Lodge because I love going there. Also the employees work so hard to meet your every need. Another reason is you can go anytime of the year because it's indoors. There are cool rides like the Hydro Plunge and the Double Barrel Drop. It also has an ice cream shop, bowling, kids spa and arcade. Every time my family goes, we have such a wonderful time, great memories and we can't wait to go back. That is why I dedicated my project to Great Wolf Lodge.

My wife and I wanted to say thank you to all of the management and staff for being so helpful and making us feel right at home. We definately recommend Great Wolf Lodge to everyone, you will have the time of your life.

David & Linda Kutner
Pocono Mountains, PA


I have four children.  The last, my son, was born at only 23 weeks and weighed just 1 pound. We knew that he’d have some special needs as he grew older, but that only made him more special to us. He is in a self-contained class in school and is well liked by all his classmates, as well as his teachers. He also loves to swim. He is on a swim team and he just loves the water. He loves the quietness that he experiences and how fast he can move in the water. In the water, he’s not so different.

As a family, we love Great Wolf Lodge. We try and go as often as possible, if we’re lucky we go once a year. My son doesn’t think as quickly as other kids—but he loves playing MagiQuest. Somehow he remembers. He remembers where to look to wave his wand. He can tell his sisters which floor in which direction when they can't find something. Last year, he was the first one to face the dragon. He failed. Another boy—complete stranger—helped him. The joy that was on his face was priceless. You know the famous commercial, you can buy just about anything, but utter joy—priceless.

It’s obvious that my son has difficulties, but instead of being made fun of him—this stranger made the fight against the dragon a special memory that my son and I will never, ever forget. This boy, maybe 10 or 11, gave my son hints, showed him what to do and helped him defeat the dragon. The sense of pride and accomplishment was felt by everyone that surrounded them. My son will most likely remember all those hints for the next time he faces that dragon. I wish I had thought to thank that young man, but he had walked away. My son’s sisters never were able to defeat the dragon, so my son left Great Wolf Lodge that weekend having done something that no one else was able to, and that never happens to him. I can’t wait to get back so he can teach his sisters how to defeat the dragon—what a great moment that will be, for all of us.

Name: Deb Sarhan
City: EHT
State: NJ
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water ParkMy son had decided before his birthday that all he wanted was money so he could save for a trip to a water park. He continued to save his money over the next year in hopes that he would be able to afford a trip to the water park, every penny he got went into his secret stash for his.

We decided to book our first water park experience as a family at the Great Wolf Lodge. To say he was excited to be going to a water park was an understatement. To see the absolute amazement in his eyes when he walked into THE Great Wolf Lodge, was beyond words. When he was thinking of a water park, I am pretty sure that the Great Wolf Lodge was not on his radar. He was speechless but smiling from ear to ear as we walked in. As we made our way to our Wolf Den room, the smile continued. I’m pretty sure he thought he had just checked in to waterpark heaven and he hadn’t even made it to the waterpark yet. 

We got settled into our room and prepared to get our swimming attire on and make our way to the waterpark area. I wouldn’t have thought his smile could get any larger until we walked into the water park area. As most children started walking quickly to the different water areas and activities, I watched my son literally step back and soak it all in—left to right and right to left—as his eyes filled up with joy. I looked over and saw my husband who seemed to be in the same “oh my”  zone.

We had such a great experience as a family. The restaurants, Story Time with our pajamas on and another fun filled day at the water park. It truly is fun for all and the time we had on that first visit will forever be a special memory.

Name: Lisa Reynolds
City: Troy
State: Ohio
Lodge: Cincinnati/Mason, OH



Life is busy. To survive in this world, someone has to work. Its a hard truth, but my husband is a wonderful man who works hard seven days a week so I can stay at home with our two small children, Isabel and Ronan.

As a mother, I'm still very busy myself. I do a lot of volunteering at my daughter's preschool, so I'm involved in her education. I help out in the classroom as well as sit on the Board of Directors. This means long hours away from my husband, because her preschool program with language and culture is important to me as well. Isabel was also attending public school at the same time as her preschool, so as a direct result, family time suffers.

As luck would have it, work slowed down for my husband over the summer and my daughter's preschool also invited us on a Board of Directors retreat at Great Wolf Lodge.

While I was in my meetings during the day, my husband got to spend some wonderful alone time with our children swimming, sliding and bonding. During a heart-to-heart chat, he got it out of my daughter that at her public school she was being bullied (just a boy who was mean because he liked her) and she was afraid to go back to school. We noticed she was throwing tntrums the whole summer with us and we were honestly at our wits end. My husband was clearly relieved to get the information out of our daughter and she seemed a lot happier telling someone.

The day went on and I joined them for our family time. Colouring t-shirts in the Cub Club, going down the big water slides, which Isabel was tall enough to ride this year, and an amazing dinner in the Camp Critter restaraunt, ending with Story Time in the main lobby. aAfterwards we heard the announcement for a family dance. Isabel has always loved dancing and she asked if we could go to the dance party.

With the weight off her shoulders, surrounded by people who loved her, all her friends and even a few of her preschool teachers, my girl finally started to relax and dance. Before the dance ended, we heard Katy Perry's "Fireworks". As the music started, Isabel got very excited. She started dancing like no one was watching and singing at the top of her lungs. It's almost as if the song woke something up inside of her, throwing up her arms and bursting like the firework that she is.  It is definitely a memory that I'm never going to forget. After the dance, she told me and her daddy that this was the best day of her life. Seeing my daughter come out of a funk that hung over her, thanks to some much needed family time, is something I thank Great Wolf Lodge for, and a lasting memory for myself, my husband and both of my children.

Name: angel meawasige
City: hamilton
State: ontario
Lodge: Niagara Falls, ON


It was February of 2010 and my 4 year old son, husband and I were enjoying a wonderful staycation at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Considering it was during school and during the week there were not a lot of visitors there. We had much of the Cub Club, waterpark and arcade to ourselves and it was awesome! (Like, "can't wipe the smiles off our faces so worn out we had the best sleep of our lives" awesome).

We were enjoying the amazingly perfect hot tub in the indoor waterpark when the snow started to fall outside. I mean big, white fluffy snowflakes. This is a rare occasion in Texas as it does occasionally snow, but usually it's a mix of sleet and snow that melts when it hits the ground. Texans sometimes get 3 hours to take full advantage of sledding and building snowmen that last maybe 1 night before going to snowman heaven (at least that's what we tell our son). But on this day we watched the snow pile up to 6 1/2 inches outside of the lodge.

So, we pulled every stitch of clothing we had together to bundle ourselves. This was a feat because at Great Wolf Lodge we lounge in our pj's, bathing suits and flip flops. We were able to get plastic wrap from the kitchen staff to wrap our feet and legs for "waterproofing". We looked mismatched to say the least.

That year we had so much fun building a snowman, even getting into a friendly snowball fight with the other staycationers in front of Great Wolf Lodge, that we opted to stay another night = ) It's not like we had chains for our tires to drive home in Texas snow!!

Name: Susie Johnson
City: Forney
State: Texas
Lodge: Grapevine, TX


I have been to Great Wolf Lodge in PA many times during different holidays and times throughout the year—Halloween, early spring and even Snowland. Out of all the different times I have come, my favorite has to be Snowland.

Every year I always come the week before Christmas. I love Snowland because I can swim while it is snowing outside and “inside”. All while staying nice and toasty warm in 84 degrees all year long. I love the extended Clock Tower Show and having it “snow” when the song "Let it Snow" rings through the lobby.  And of course, "Cause it’s snowing at the Great Wolf Lodge and all my friends are here” which is my favorite song of all.  Also, seeing the lodge all decorated for the holidays in the lobby and Christmas trees that were decorated by the different pack members. 

But my most favorite time I came to Great Wolf Lodge out of the at least 11times I've been there  was with my older brother who is in the US Army. The winter he came home after being deployed overseas, he came with us for the first time. Even though this was the first and only time he came with us we both enjoyed going on the 2 rider rides (when I come with my mom I can’t go on because I’m a single rider) and had a blast spending quality brother and sister bonding time.

We did every ride over and over, but the ride we enjoyed the most was the toilet bowl ride. We loved that ride because we went really fast, high in the bowl and spun around many times inside the bowl then flew out at the end. When I am on by myself I go two maybe three times, with my brother we got at least four or five times around.

That is why going with my brother is my favorite memory of Great Wolf Lodge.

Name: Alison
City: Doylestown
State: PA
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


My favorite memory from Great Wolf Lodge has to be the first time we visited. There were two specific events during that time that stuck in my head.

The first was when we arrived; I brought my son and his best friend for his birthday weekend. They were really excited when we got there, they were running around looking at everything in the lobby and touching everything they could. Our room was on the second floor, we grabbed our bags and walked up to the second floor. When we got up there we passed the window into the waterpark and all I heard was “WHOA” really loud from both the kids. They were so excited to get in there and play, they were almost ready to change in the hall. I couldn’t open the door to the room fast enough.

The thing that stuck in my head is the look on their faces the first time they saw it, they were so excited, amazed and anxious to have fun. They didn’t want to leave. We spent hours in the waterpark that first day. We almost missed dinner because it is hard to keep track of time when you are having that much fun.

The second thing I remember from that trip was when I was in the lazy river with my son, there are buckets that fill up and dump on you as you are going along. At one point I turned around and saw this man behind me starting to relax in his tube, he finally laid back and got comfy.  As soon as he leaned back a huge bucket dumped right in his face. It startled him so much that he jumped backwards out of his tube. I guess he didn’t know the buckets were there. It was such great timing that the second he relaxed the bucket tipped over. It was so funny. The kids couldn’t stop laughing.

Our entire weekend both the kids always had a smile on their face and never stopped laughing. I love how everyone there tries so hard to do anything they can to make the kids happy.

Name: theresa mccarroll
Lodge: Niagara Falls, ON


In September, we hosted our Back to School Contest.  After reading through all the great entries we received, we have our winners!  Congratulations to our Second Place winner, Lori Zeaman. 

Our greatest Great Wolf Lodge memory is yet to come! We've heard so much about Great Wolf and in a few short weeks we are going to experience everything first hand.  Here are the great memories we expect to make:

We're going to get soaked for sure, no doubt, a trip to Great Wolf that's what it's about.

Fort McKenzie the Barrel Drop, and Hydro Plunge non-stop.

We'll grab a bite in the Campe Critter Grille then ask who wants to go to the Slap Tail Pond..."I will, I will".

Totem Towers a definite must, while we shout "Coyote Canyon or Bust".

You'd think we'd be sleepy, but not at all, we head to Ten Paw Alley—I remembered to pack my ball.

The Loose Moose Cottage is a tasty buffet, don't worry Howl at the Moon Mini Golf, we're on our way!

After a restful night in our Wolf Den Suite, we're ready for something from Bear Paw Sweets & Eats.

The girls have mani-pedis in the Scoops Spa while the boys outwit dragons, lairs and all.

Story Time was amazing in our jammies at night, cozy by the fireplace—it just felt right!

The Wolf Walk is great first thing in the morn—the animals of Northwood sure blew their horn.

The Great Clock Tower Show was simple yet neat, every hour on the hour, it did not skip a beat.

Compass Quest was challenging for all 4 of us, we worked as a team, a definite MUST.

Our favorite memory of Great Wolf Lodge, you see, was all that there was for them and for me.

It wasn't just friendly for kids or for teens, it was friendly for all of those in between.

We played with the kids like we were kids too. We had fun every second and you will too!

So, back to the water to play once again, until our magical memory comes to an end!

Name: lori ann zeaman
City: warminster
State: pa
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA



In September, we hosted our Back to School Contest.  After reading through all the great entries we received, we have our winners!  Congratulations to our Second Place winner, Leyla Stuckey. 

Our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas was a chance to make the greatest memories ever.

So often the things we do are just for our son, but this was a chance for us—the parents—to get to be kids again too. We didn’t just watch our son having fun, we were there with him. Laughing as we splashed in the pool. Screaming as we rocketed down the Howlin’ Tornado. Splashing down at the bottom and looking at each other and saying, “Let’s do it again!”

The ride down Coyote Cannon was so scary, yet so exciting. It was the first time that any of us had done anything like that. It was a trip of many firsts for our whole family.

Together we roamed the halls, accepting quests and facing dragons while playing MagiQuest. We climbed the stairs, carrying our wands dutifully behind our son. We were the only parents who had wands and were playing along, and that was just fine by us. The look on my son’s face, when after several tries, he finally defeated the dragon, well, it was just awesome! He was so proud of himself for trying, and trying until he did it! 

There were so many things to do, we never had a dull moment.

At the end of a long, fun day, sitting down for a great meal overlooking the lobby and listening to the bedtime stories was a perfect end to the day.  We fell into our beds, exhausted, and sprung out of them the next morning, ready to do it all over again. I can’t even remember a time when my son has been so excited about anything we’ve ever done.

It was a priceless trip because of the memories we got to make together. Not just as bystanders watching my son do cool things, we got to do them with him this time!

So often we forget how much fun it can be to release the inner child, and Great Wolf Lodge gave us that chance again. It was an amazing experience that we talk about so very often. We can’t wait until we can make it back again!

Name: Leyla Stuckey
City: Shreveport
State: Louisiana
Lodge: Grapevine, TX


In September, we hosted our Back to School Contest.  After reading through all the great entries we received, we have our winners!  Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Lawrence Sullivan. 

Let me start off by saying that every memory of Great Wolf Lodge is a special one. It's a place I can take my family and everyone is just happy! As a hard working Dad of 3, I can never get enough quality time with my wife and kids. One particular memory of mine that will always be special has to do with my 5 year old daughter and me. Since my daughter and wife are pretty much insepartable, sometimes it's tough to get a little time with her. It just so happened that it all changed at Great Wolf Lodge. While having a blast in the water park, my daughter announced she was done. My wife and sons were in no way ready to give up their water time, so I happily volunteered to take her where she wanted to go.

We left and got ready. Little did I know what was in store for me! She apparently had a whole plan mapped out! We played MagiQuest, stopped for ice cream and then, "Daddy, take me to the Cub Club". I did not know much about the Cub Club at that point, but I can say now that I am an expert! She led me down the hall and knew just where to go. We entered the Cub Club and I must admit had the time of my life! We played games, colored, watched a little bit of a movie, I had a private puppet show and then ended up on the rug playing legos. Now, my family may tell you this was no big deal, but for me it was priceless. I really did hate seeing that time come to an end.

I do have a secret. Although, I love the water park, I am really longing to hear the words, "Daddy, take me to the Cub Club" again. I will run, not walk! Great Wolf Lodge, thank you for the memories you have given this Dad and his daughter. You will never know what it means to me. You just can't get time back and the memories you make with your children are the ones that last a lifetime.

Name: Lawrence Sullivan
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


Being a single mom and a full-time college student, I don't get to do very much with my son, like trips, but I thought that I would try this out. I am so glad that I did! My son and his buddy along with my boyfriend had such a fun time. The service was excellent and so was the food. The room we stayed in was very nice and clean and the kids loved it.

They had bunk beds and their own TV, which was a great feature.  We spent pretty much the whole day in the waterpark, which was patrolled very well by life guards.  Even though my son and his friend swim very well, it still was a comfort to know that they were doing their jobs. Excellent work to them!  The employees were just amazing with any help that you need, I give them an A+!  We had such an amazing time that I sure can't wait to book another time to come and stay.

Thank you for having a great place for a family to come and stay.

Name: Kristy
City: Carey
State: OH
Lodge: Sandusky, OH

My family and friends stayed at Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky AGAIN this weekend. I wanted to let you know what a great experience we had. 

  1. They upgraded our room do to vacancies. Which was great! We usually do the KidsCabin Suite, but couldn't afford it this time around.
  2. The room was so clean, and the bed was extremely comfortable.
  3. All of the staff was kind and courteous!
  4. And can we talk about your lifeguards!? Holy....greatness! Extremely attentive. I was worried because this was the first year we were there when my 4 year old could swim with no life jacket. With the lifeguards attentiveness, I was stress free, SCORE!  

Thank you for a wonderful stay. We will be back either around Halloween or Christmas time for my daughters birthday. Tough choice between the two holidays!

Thanks again!
Nowosielski Family

Name: Melissa Nowosielski
City: Perry Township
State: Ohio
Lodge: Sandusky, OH

Recently we visited Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains and had the chance to check out the brand new Howl at The Moon Glow Golf located on Level 1 of the resort as part of the newly added Main Street. Our family loves mini golf and could not wait to see what Howl at The Moon Glow Golf had to offer.

I loved that it was reasonably priced at $5.00 a person for 10 holes of mini golf fun.  Our family could not wait to dive into the fun.  We each chose a different golf ball, club and score card.  I am happy to say they had clubs of all sizes and weights so you could pick the one just right for you!

Howl at The Moon Glow Golf is a unique way to play mini golf. Everything glows under the black lights!  The mini golf course is fun and has surprises around every bend. It's yet another great addition to Great Wolf Lodge's Main Street!  It's a great family activity and fun for all ages.

Our family had a blast and already cannot wait to get back and play again!  Howl at The Moon Glow Golf is a themed mini-golf and the theme is perfect. It fits right into the whole Great Wolf mode and makes you feel like you are taking a walk through a forest filled with animal friends!

If you visit Great Wolf Lodge Poconos, be sure to check out Howl at The Moon Glow Golf for yourself. You will love it, too!  You may even get a Hole in One like my son Adam.

Name: Diane Sullivan
City: Newark
State: NJ
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA