In September, we hosted our Back to School Contest.  After reading through all the great entries we received, we have our winners!  Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Lawrence Sullivan. 

Let me start off by saying that every memory of Great Wolf Lodge is a special one. It's a place I can take my family and everyone is just happy! As a hard working Dad of 3, I can never get enough quality time with my wife and kids. One particular memory of mine that will always be special has to do with my 5 year old daughter and me. Since my daughter and wife are pretty much insepartable, sometimes it's tough to get a little time with her. It just so happened that it all changed at Great Wolf Lodge. While having a blast in the water park, my daughter announced she was done. My wife and sons were in no way ready to give up their water time, so I happily volunteered to take her where she wanted to go.

We left and got ready. Little did I know what was in store for me! She apparently had a whole plan mapped out! We played MagiQuest, stopped for ice cream and then, "Daddy, take me to the Cub Club". I did not know much about the Cub Club at that point, but I can say now that I am an expert! She led me down the hall and knew just where to go. We entered the Cub Club and I must admit had the time of my life! We played games, colored, watched a little bit of a movie, I had a private puppet show and then ended up on the rug playing legos. Now, my family may tell you this was no big deal, but for me it was priceless. I really did hate seeing that time come to an end.

I do have a secret. Although, I love the water park, I am really longing to hear the words, "Daddy, take me to the Cub Club" again. I will run, not walk! Great Wolf Lodge, thank you for the memories you have given this Dad and his daughter. You will never know what it means to me. You just can't get time back and the memories you make with your children are the ones that last a lifetime.

Name: Lawrence Sullivan
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA