Fun at Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine, Texas

Another fun time at Great Wolf Lodge for Davien, Dawson, and Jackson. Mom took them for another fantastic trip for Spring Break, and I (NaNa) got to tag along...with the camera, of course! I love watching them have fun and there is so much of it at your lodge. My son lives close and came out to add more fun for his nephews. They love Uncle Al! This was the second trip for the little ones and both of them started howling like wolves when they saw the wolves at the front of the lodge. It was a priceless moment. This was the first time we got the Paw Pass for the little ones, and we did everything on it, too. They loved the MagiQuest and really liked their magic wands with the dragon toppers on them. (NaNa bought those) They enjoyed the water slides and even got to see Wiley, the mascot. Yes, I got a cute picture of them and have it on their wall in their room.  Another favorite part was getting to pick out a stuffed animal and watch it come to life in their arms. We came home with Wiley and a Dragon and they sleep with them every night. Davien, the oldest brother, has been more often but still likes all the fun and enjoys time with his little brothers. Thank you for making Great Wolf Lodge so much fun and safe for our little ones. The staff was great and made us feel special. I knew the life guards were watching my angel babies at all times and that made me like it even more. We will be back for more fun and will get the Paw Pass again and do all the fun all over again! You should see all my pictures! :)

Name: Alene Davis
City: Texarkana
State: Texas
Lodge: Grapevine, TX