When it comes to creating family memories the first place that comes into my mind is one of our family's favorite places to visit, Great Wolf Lodge Poconos. It's somewhere that all the kids want to visit and everyone can have fun as a family. Since my children are all 8 years apart, sometimes it's hard to find a place that appeals to everyone. Great Wolf Lodge makes it so easy!

I can't even begin to choose a favorite trip or memory from GWL. We have so many! We have visited for special birthdays, Halloween, winter snow tubing, and Snowland!

Our most recent trip was to celebrate Valentine's Day. I could not have thought of a better place to be. Great Wolf Lodge just warms my heart. We had a little celebration in our room. Staying in the Fireplace Loft just made the trip, with two floors of happiness. There is something about Great Wolf Lodge that lets the love in our family shine. Maybe it's all the quality time we get to spend together.

Our family had so much fun checking out the new Main Street while we were there. We loved the Ten Paw Alley, even though the kids won and I came in last! I guess that only means we have to get back there for a rematch! My daughter was strolling the halls with her new best friend, Sammy. She made her as part of the Story Explorers! My son had a blast, as usual, with MagiQuest! He finally beat the dragon and was pretty excited about that! As for hubby and I, spending a few days together with everyone, uninterrupted was priceless!

Of course everyone's favorite part of the trip was the water park! Between the slides, the wave pool and the splashes, I could not have asked for anything more! As for my husband and I, there is no greater joy then spending time with our three children and seeing them just enjoying life. It doesn't get any better! If I had to choose one place to make family memories, it would be Great Wolf Lodge. When I am there, life just can not be any better! Thanks for the memories GWL! We'll be back in the future to make more!

Name: Diane Sullivan
City: Harrison
State: NJ
Email: elgeorgia@aol.com
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA