In a food allergic world, where you are so limited with choices of places to dine at or vacation with, our family has found Great Wolf Lodge to be out of this world! Executive Chef Ron Market has made it his mission to safeguard his guests with food allergies by getting his entire Food and Beverage team on board. Each visit just gets better and better with the knowledge that your chefs have the options and the fact that they "get it". This has been a no-brainer when it comes to choosing where we'd like to spend time away from home and the comfort level is just amazing. My boys do their "Great Wolf" chant the whole way in to the Lodge and when we leave they cry and ask "when are we coming back?" We just love the whole team there and I hope more people choose to experience what we have because they will be amazed!

Name: Sue Harrison
City: Marlton
State: NJ
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


Every summer my parents (65 & 66 years old), 6-year old niece and 11-year old nephew and I (39 years old) take a vacation together. This year the kids picked Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas after seeing commercials on one of the New Orleans TV Stations.

Our vacation was awesome. We checked in to the Great Wolf Lodge at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 8, went to the indoor waterpartk and played til 8:30. We order food from the snack shop, which we thought was resonably priced, ate then we went straight to our room for the night. The kids were so tired that they did not even want to play video games or participate in the MagicQuest game. 

The next morning we got up to go eat with Wiley and Violet at Camp Critter Bar & Grille, but were told we had to make reservations, so we made them for 9 and hung out in the lobby for an hour.  We couldn't pass up the chance to eat with Wiley and Violet.  After eating with the characters, which was well worth the money, we headed to our room, the KidCabin, packed up and at about 10:30 checked out of our room, put our luggage in the truck and enjoyed both the indoor and outdoor waterparks.

At about 2 pm both kids were ready to shower, dress and hit the road to explore the Grapevine Area. We had a blast! The only thing we think can be inproved upon is the room lighting and when you check in the front desk should tell you that you need to make restervations for the Camp Critter Breakfast. Other than that we can't wait to come back hopefuly next year!

Name: Michelle LeBoeuf
City: Houma
State: Louisiana
Lodge: Grapevine, TX

Vacation comes packed full of stress! As moms we carry the "stress" for the family and typically do all the planning. Which means we worry about what to pack, what to wear, where to go, how to get there, what to do when we are there, what to eat, what the weather is going to be like, and so on. BUT I didn't have to worry about any of that while at the Great Wold Lodge! My kids were always entertained, and it didn't matter what the weather was like! I purchased the Pup Passes for the kids, so they knew exactly what they were able to do—so complaining was obsolete. Everything was provided for—I really had nothing to worry about. I actually was able to sit back and enjoy my children. Isn't that what vacation is all about?

We had an amazing time! You can find a full review on the lodge at my blog, Home Grown Families

Name: Melissa Brouillette
City: Greenville
State: SC
Lodge: Charlotte/Concord, NC


This past June we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC while I attended the Reviewer's Retreat Conference. The kids were very excited about our stay and from the time we drove up everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was like we were in a totally different world. With both kids having food allergies, traveling is always hard. But the lodge helped ease the worries of a food allergy mom. Both kids got special "I have food allergy" bracelets to alert staff of their allergies and the chefs and servers were very knowledgeable and attentive.

My oldest loved that he could explore the lodge on his own and not have to have his little sister tag along everywhere. His favorite was the MagiQuest game, and he played it as much as he could.

My youngest had a blast at the waterpark. But the best moment for us was when she met Violet for the first time. It was just one of those moments in life that you will remember forever. It was also a big accomplishment for a shy little 3 yr old.

Thank you Great Wolf for making our trip worry free and fun. We'll be back, the kids are already trying to convince us to go back to the lodge instead of going to Disney for vacation in February.

Name: Cara Jouglard
City: Metairie
State: La
Lodge: Charlotte/Concord, NC


When our family thinks of Great Wolf Lodge we think of it as a place to visit in the Fall or Winter (we have visited during both). But this year our children convinced us that it might be a fun place to visit in the summer too.

I must admit that peeking through the waterpark doors during the cold days of winter, did tease my curiosity as to what it would be like to swim outside and be at the Great Wolf Lodge.

So this summer we decided to test it out. We booked a room and the countdown began. The countdown was just as fun in the summer as the winter, so I had a feeling the visit would be, too!

We packed up our van and our family of five headed to Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains. After checking in, I guess you probably know the first place we went to- the outdoor pool! My five year old daughter could not wait to take her first slide on the mini frog slide. She had waved to that froggy since she was two years old from indoors, so none of us were surprised when she gave it a big hug and kiss before sliding!

My sons went right for the basketball zone and although the inside was calling them to slide, slide, slide, something about the sunshine and the scent of the yummy burgers being barbecued and the sight of frozen drinks passing by from the Racoon Lagoon that kept them right where they were.

Although, my sons and hubby did do their share of indoor water slides, my daughter and I who are not big into water slides parked it outside by the pool for our three day jaunt! She loved splashing in the water geysers and other water fun activities. Not to mention the fantastic music for everyone to enjoy! No complaints from any of us, that's for sure! We absolutely loved Great Wolf Lodge Poconos in the Summer! It was surprisingly wonderful and refreshing to visit during the months when we could enjoy swimming in the pool that we just drive by in the winter.

My family liked it so much that they are ready to trade in our regular August getaway for an extra night's stay in August before the summer sun tucks itself away. That, of course, is still being decided upon, but is looking more probable the more we talk about all the fun we had this summer at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos!

Name: Diane Sullivan
City: Newark
State: NJ
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


I wanted to shared my favorite memory from my trip to the Sandusky, Ohio Great Wolf Lodge. I was about 14 years old. I went swimming at my aunt's house the week before we left, suspecting nothing . I had no clue we were even thinking about going until I got home from my aunt's and my sister told me we were going next week. She clicked on the Great Wolf Lodge website and I stood there for a minute until it finally clicked—we were returning to the Great Wolf Lodge for another trip!

I was so excited.

We had an amazing time from the moment we stepped into the lodge. I would have to say my favorite part of the trip was when we went to eat at the Gitchigoomie Grill and had an amazing waiter named Michael.  He was awesome! He kept us laughing and we had a great time because of him!  For instance, my sister was kind of bummed that it was our last day and wasn't in the best of moods.  He came over to our table and noticed we were Buckeye fans. After that everything became about football!  He made our last day at Great Wolf Lodge a memory that will last forever!  

That was the best trip ever because we got to spend time as a family and made amazing memories together.  I enjoyed it very much, thank you Great Wolf Lodge and Michael!

Name: Carrolyn Brown
City: Galion
State: Ohio
Lodge: Sandusky, OH



As a mid size family we try to go every year, and we try to stay in a different room each time we go. We take my father, my husband's father (who is 80), my daughter (10), her friend (11) and my neice (16).

You get what you pay for and the Great wolf Lodge is just that—great!  And all of the people who work there are great too. The all-you-can-eat restaurant is OMG so good.  Plus MagiQuest is so well done, not cheap at all.  It was so good we had to tag team for the girls becasue we would have been so tired. 

Great rooms.  Great time.We will be back again and again.

Name: Sharon Browne
City: keswick
State: ont
Lodge: Niagara Falls, ON

To everyone at Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound,

Thank you! What a FANTASTIC vacation spot! This was our first visit to Great Wolf Lodge, and I will tell you, we will be back! From the moment you pull into the parking lot, right to the moment you reluctantly drive away, it is truly amazing! Everything in this Great Wolf lodge is immaculate, lobby, stores, restrooms, pools, restaurants, rooms, everything! 

Our room was cleaned up everyday and we never saw or heard from any of the housekeeping staff (unike other hotels, banging on your door at 9am). It was like magic! From a parent's point of view, the magnetic bracelet is sheer brilliance, no need to carry cash or a room key. The restaurants were all very good and reasonably priced. When the pools closed, we headed off to the arcade. That was great for the kids and their Dad. The waterpark is just incredible! It's so warm in the waterpark that you just have to stay in the pools. We wanted to keep going again and again on all the slides. The lifeguards are impeccable! I have NEVER seen such attentive lifeguards in my life. Safety is definately not an issue here. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge for 4 nights but still ran out of time. We didn't get to do the MagiQuest game, or go to the spa, so we'll just save that for next time. I could go on and on about how incredible this place is, but you really need to experience it for yourself, you will Not regret it!

I will tell you that my 3 children are "home-bodies" and even they begged to stay a few more days. You really need to check it out, we will be back!

Thanks again!

Name: Stacy
City: Lac La Biche
State: Alberta
Lodge: Grand Mound, WA


My son had to make this for his final project in Science class.

We spent two days making this and used a lot of hot glue. We made it from sticks, popsicle sticks, pine tree branches, clay and card board. It had to be made from recyclable products. The water slide is from an old garden hose.

We had a blast making this and have so many memories at the Great Wolf Lodge and now of making the Great Wolf. We have been several times and enjoy everything about it. I really like how kid friendly and clean it is. We always have such a good time there, I think that is why he chose this project.

It was worth 200 points and he got all 200 from the project. What an awesome grade!

Name: Amanda Polsley
City: gallipolis
State: ohio
Lodge: Cincinnati/Mason, OH



Great Wolf Lodge Mason, OHWe were not going to take a vacation this year, then sadly my daughter went through something no child should ever deal with. We decided we needed to get out of town and get everyones minds off it.

We have gone to other waterparks and had an okay time. I have heard so much about Great Wolf Lodge, we thought we would add that on to a long vacation. The kids had no idea we were leaving or where we were going. Everyone was amazed, including the parents, as we pulled up to the hotel. It is beautiful on the outside as well as the lobby.

We had an excellent time! The wave machine was awesome, the water coaster was too cool! My kids had such a great time and even made new friends while we were there. Before we even left, my boyfriend and I were already making plans to come back next year and spend our entire family vacation there. Thank you so much for a great time and great memories!

Name: Cassandra Shuff
City: Auburn
State: Indiana
Lodge: Cincinnati/Mason, OH

Great Wolf Lodge Cincinnati/Mason, OHBeing a single Mom, this was a fantastic family vacation for my son and me! It was close to home and had so many fun activities that kept us busy all weekend. My son even went on to state that he loves Great Wolf more than Disney! We already have our next visit planned with family at the Charlotte location this August. I plan on taking him on many more long weekends at our new favorite vacation spot! Hoping that we will make it to all the lodges one day! Thank you to all the staff and support that made this trip and stay so wonderful and fantastic for us!

State: Ohio
Lodge: Cincinnati/Mason, OH


Our family has an annual Christmas celebration that we call The Holiday Humdinger. The whole purpose of it is to get aunts, uncles and cousins all together for a couple of days of bonding and memory making! In total, there are 6 adults and 7 children that share in the fun.

For our 3rd annual HH, we decided to go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. The youngest in the group of kids was 4, the oldest was 11. None of us had ever been to Great Wolf Lodge before, so we didn't know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised! What a great time we had!! Everyone was able to find something fun to do! There were even slides for the youngest set! The kids LOVED being able to ride down the slides with the adults. Talk about a bonding experience, try going down Alberta Falls with your uncle and he's scared the whole way down!!!

We had so much fun, we decided to go to Great Wolf Lodge for the 4th annual HH the next year in Grapevine, Texas. Of course, we made many new memories there also! A few of us will never forget our first ride down the Howlin' Tornado! Needless to say, plans are already being made for the big 5th annual Holiday Humdinger at Great Wolf Lodge!

Thanks for creating a place where young and old(er!) can join in and have fun together.

Name: Rachel Knight
City: Oklahoma City
State: OK
Lodge: Grapevine, TX

Fun at Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine, Texas

Another fun time at Great Wolf Lodge for Davien, Dawson, and Jackson. Mom took them for another fantastic trip for Spring Break, and I (NaNa) got to tag along...with the camera, of course! I love watching them have fun and there is so much of it at your lodge. My son lives close and came out to add more fun for his nephews. They love Uncle Al! This was the second trip for the little ones and both of them started howling like wolves when they saw the wolves at the front of the lodge. It was a priceless moment. This was the first time we got the Paw Pass for the little ones, and we did everything on it, too. They loved the MagiQuest and really liked their magic wands with the dragon toppers on them. (NaNa bought those) They enjoyed the water slides and even got to see Wiley, the mascot. Yes, I got a cute picture of them and have it on their wall in their room.  Another favorite part was getting to pick out a stuffed animal and watch it come to life in their arms. We came home with Wiley and a Dragon and they sleep with them every night. Davien, the oldest brother, has been more often but still likes all the fun and enjoys time with his little brothers. Thank you for making Great Wolf Lodge so much fun and safe for our little ones. The staff was great and made us feel special. I knew the life guards were watching my angel babies at all times and that made me like it even more. We will be back for more fun and will get the Paw Pass again and do all the fun all over again! You should see all my pictures! :)

Name: Alene Davis
City: Texarkana
State: Texas
Lodge: Grapevine, TX


Hi All
My family and I have been going to the Great Wolf Lodge for many years. We started with the intention of having some good old family fun which we have at the Great Wolf.  Over the years we have celebrated many events: birthday, anniversaries and we are again going this year in August and celebrating our daughter's Sweet 16. The Great Wolf Lodge is great for any age it's safe, the staff is fantastic and the food is excellent. We love it and if you have never been there look into it you won't be disappointed!!! I would like to say a special thank you to Laura who has been fantastic to my family. See you see at the Great Wolf!!!!

Name: Marie
City: No White Plains
State: NY
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA

We love the Great Wolf Lodge. It is our happy place. We just returned from our 7th visit there and I just have to say this....When we arrived my husband and I were exhausted. However, the moment I heard the squeals of delight and "howls" of laughter from my children, and my husband (!), all that seemed to melt away. The staff have always been so kind to us, and we have always been treated much better than we deserve when we visit. THANK YOU would never be enough for all they have done for us. Really, we have never been treated so well by any establishment. My children have their favorite slides, the wave pool, the arcade, it is too hard to narrow it down to one favorite because there's so much to do. My husband, well, he likes the big Howlin' Tornado slide and the "Wolf it Down" pizza meal we eat in our room. Me, my favorite could be the Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the morning, or it could be the fact that when we visit the Great Wolf Lodge it is not just a fun family vacation for the kids, it is a great mental vacation from all stress for mom and dad. You just can't put a price tag on that!

Name: Kerry Ogrodowczyk
City: Hickory
State: NC
Lodge: Charlotte/Concord, NC


We made our first trip to the Poconos to stay at Great Wolf Lodge with another family and quickly found ourselves having a blast. Our trip had to be extended because a foot and a half of snow dropped on us. But being inside the waterpark in the 84 degrees made it the best snow storm we have ever had. The six children that we had there enjoyed the arcade, spa, bakery and MagiQuest too. The staff was beyond awesome scrambling to find their own staff rooms to camp out in overnight they helped us extend our stay for two extra days making it ever so more awesome. We are so excited about a return trip back to the Lodge soon.


Name: Krista Gill-Snyder
City: North East
State: MD - Maryland
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA


When it comes to creating family memories the first place that comes into my mind is one of our family's favorite places to visit, Great Wolf Lodge Poconos. It's somewhere that all the kids want to visit and everyone can have fun as a family. Since my children are all 8 years apart, sometimes it's hard to find a place that appeals to everyone. Great Wolf Lodge makes it so easy!

I can't even begin to choose a favorite trip or memory from GWL. We have so many! We have visited for special birthdays, Halloween, winter snow tubing, and Snowland!

Our most recent trip was to celebrate Valentine's Day. I could not have thought of a better place to be. Great Wolf Lodge just warms my heart. We had a little celebration in our room. Staying in the Fireplace Loft just made the trip, with two floors of happiness. There is something about Great Wolf Lodge that lets the love in our family shine. Maybe it's all the quality time we get to spend together.

Our family had so much fun checking out the new Main Street while we were there. We loved the Ten Paw Alley, even though the kids won and I came in last! I guess that only means we have to get back there for a rematch! My daughter was strolling the halls with her new best friend, Sammy. She made her as part of the Story Explorers! My son had a blast, as usual, with MagiQuest! He finally beat the dragon and was pretty excited about that! As for hubby and I, spending a few days together with everyone, uninterrupted was priceless!

Of course everyone's favorite part of the trip was the water park! Between the slides, the wave pool and the splashes, I could not have asked for anything more! As for my husband and I, there is no greater joy then spending time with our three children and seeing them just enjoying life. It doesn't get any better! If I had to choose one place to make family memories, it would be Great Wolf Lodge. When I am there, life just can not be any better! Thanks for the memories GWL! We'll be back in the future to make more!

Name: Diane Sullivan
City: Harrison
State: NJ
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA