I have been to Great Wolf Lodge in PA many times during different holidays and times throughout the year—Halloween, early spring and even Snowland. Out of all the different times I have come, my favorite has to be Snowland.

Every year I always come the week before Christmas. I love Snowland because I can swim while it is snowing outside and “inside”. All while staying nice and toasty warm in 84 degrees all year long. I love the extended Clock Tower Show and having it “snow” when the song "Let it Snow" rings through the lobby.  And of course, "Cause it’s snowing at the Great Wolf Lodge and all my friends are here” which is my favorite song of all.  Also, seeing the lodge all decorated for the holidays in the lobby and Christmas trees that were decorated by the different pack members. 

But my most favorite time I came to Great Wolf Lodge out of the at least 11times I've been there  was with my older brother who is in the US Army. The winter he came home after being deployed overseas, he came with us for the first time. Even though this was the first and only time he came with us we both enjoyed going on the 2 rider rides (when I come with my mom I can’t go on because I’m a single rider) and had a blast spending quality brother and sister bonding time.

We did every ride over and over, but the ride we enjoyed the most was the toilet bowl ride. We loved that ride because we went really fast, high in the bowl and spun around many times inside the bowl then flew out at the end. When I am on by myself I go two maybe three times, with my brother we got at least four or five times around.

That is why going with my brother is my favorite memory of Great Wolf Lodge.

Name: Alison
City: Doylestown
State: PA
Email: Tweetyali@comcast.net
Lodge: Pocono Mountains, PA