We love the Great Wolf Lodge. It is our happy place. We just returned from our 7th visit there and I just have to say this....When we arrived my husband and I were exhausted. However, the moment I heard the squeals of delight and "howls" of laughter from my children, and my husband (!), all that seemed to melt away. The staff have always been so kind to us, and we have always been treated much better than we deserve when we visit. THANK YOU would never be enough for all they have done for us. Really, we have never been treated so well by any establishment. My children have their favorite slides, the wave pool, the arcade, it is too hard to narrow it down to one favorite because there's so much to do. My husband, well, he likes the big Howlin' Tornado slide and the "Wolf it Down" pizza meal we eat in our room. Me, my favorite could be the Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the morning, or it could be the fact that when we visit the Great Wolf Lodge it is not just a fun family vacation for the kids, it is a great mental vacation from all stress for mom and dad. You just can't put a price tag on that!

Name: Kerry Ogrodowczyk
City: Hickory
State: NC
Email: 4ogies@gmail.com
Lodge: Charlotte/Concord, NC