Great Wolf Lodge Mason, OHWe were not going to take a vacation this year, then sadly my daughter went through something no child should ever deal with. We decided we needed to get out of town and get everyones minds off it.

We have gone to other waterparks and had an okay time. I have heard so much about Great Wolf Lodge, we thought we would add that on to a long vacation. The kids had no idea we were leaving or where we were going. Everyone was amazed, including the parents, as we pulled up to the hotel. It is beautiful on the outside as well as the lobby.

We had an excellent time! The wave machine was awesome, the water coaster was too cool! My kids had such a great time and even made new friends while we were there. Before we even left, my boyfriend and I were already making plans to come back next year and spend our entire family vacation there. Thank you so much for a great time and great memories!

Name: Cassandra Shuff
City: Auburn
State: Indiana
Email: cassandrashuff@gmail.com
Lodge: Cincinnati/Mason, OH