Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water ParkMy son had decided before his birthday that all he wanted was money so he could save for a trip to a water park. He continued to save his money over the next year in hopes that he would be able to afford a trip to the water park, every penny he got went into his secret stash for his.

We decided to book our first water park experience as a family at the Great Wolf Lodge. To say he was excited to be going to a water park was an understatement. To see the absolute amazement in his eyes when he walked into THE Great Wolf Lodge, was beyond words. When he was thinking of a water park, I am pretty sure that the Great Wolf Lodge was not on his radar. He was speechless but smiling from ear to ear as we walked in. As we made our way to our Wolf Den room, the smile continued. I’m pretty sure he thought he had just checked in to waterpark heaven and he hadn’t even made it to the waterpark yet. 

We got settled into our room and prepared to get our swimming attire on and make our way to the waterpark area. I wouldn’t have thought his smile could get any larger until we walked into the water park area. As most children started walking quickly to the different water areas and activities, I watched my son literally step back and soak it all in—left to right and right to left—as his eyes filled up with joy. I looked over and saw my husband who seemed to be in the same “oh my”  zone.

We had such a great experience as a family. The restaurants, Story Time with our pajamas on and another fun filled day at the water park. It truly is fun for all and the time we had on that first visit will forever be a special memory.

Name: Lisa Reynolds
City: Troy
State: Ohio
Lodge: Cincinnati/Mason, OH