Where do you go when you have a question about an upcoming visit to Great Wolf Lodge? Do you ask friends or colleagues who may have recently stayed at a Great Wolf resort? Do you post questions on Facebook or Twitter? Do you visit review sites, such as TripAdvisor or Yelp? While we all have questions while planning a family vacation, the way we find the answers we need varies greatly from person to person. While we can google almost anything these days, sometimes it is hard to find straight answers from other parents, like yourself, who’ve faced the same questions when prepping their own vacation to a new place. A great resource when planning your family getaway to Great Wolf Lodge is by having access to our exclusive panel. The Great Wolf Lodge Ask a Mom panel is comprised of moms and dads who are passionate about Great Wolf. Most Great Wolf Lodge properties have their own Ask a Mom panelist at the ready to answer just about anything thrown their way. They help with the key planning questions ranging from "What time is check-in?" to "How do you accommodate those with food allergies?"   They are also here to answer your unique and specific questions.

With the grand opening of a brand new Great Wolf Lodge, we are absolutely thrilled to welcome Annie Stow as the Great Wolf Lodge New England Ask a Mom panelist. Annie Stow is a mom of four young children who resides just outside of Boston, MA. She loves a good family adventure and writes a lifestyle blog about parenting, travel, food, education and fun at www.stowedstuff.com. Annie will be answering your questions about Great Wolf Lodge New England on our Ask a Mom site, but for now, she is answering a few of ours! We took a few minutes to catch up with Annie about family, summer vacation, and Great Wolf Lodge New England.


How does your family spend time together?

We love to travel, especially during the summer months. We enjoy exploring new beaches and finding the best local seafood restaurants in and around New England. When we're not traveling we love watching movies, bowling, and building with Legos!

What are some of your favorite family vacation spots?

We love visiting Cape Cod and Rhode Island the most because they are close by and we get to spend quality time with the grandparents! Our favorite beach in Newport, RI is Gooseberry Beach and we love any beach in East Dennis, MA. 

What do you think other parents will like most about Great Wolf Lodge New England?

The best thing about GWL is that all the fun is under one roof and if you've got toddlers or teens, everyone will have PLENTY to do - mini golf, bowling, waterpark fun, MagiQuest, arcade, ropes course and more! Plus, there's a Dunkin' Donuts right on the premises!

Do you have a number one “can’t miss” attraction at Great Wolf Lodge New England?

According to the kids, they say the Howlin' Tornado! I can't wait to go back and try it out for myself now that my broken foot has healed! I hear there's a really big drop that makes it the best slide at the park!

Which do you prefer: lazy river or wave pool?

Wave pool! Those waves are big!

When your family isn’t splashing away in the water park at Great Wolf Lodge, where can we find you?

We'll most likely be on the beach somewhere in New England!

What are you most looking forward to as an Ask a Mom panelist?

I'm excited to be able to help parents plan an amazingly fun vacation for the entire family at Great Wolf Lodge New England. 

What tips do you have for anyone who may be traveling to Great Wolf Lodge New England for the first time?

Don't forget to pack sneakers for the kids and adults so everyone can try out the ropes course! 


Do you have a question for Annie or for any of the other Ask a Mom panelists? Head on over to askamom.greatwolf.com to ask your questions. You can also follow along with Annie on Twitter (@anniestow), Facebook, and her blog: Stowed Stuff.