Last month, Great Wolf Lodge Southern California opened its doors to thousands of families. Many of those families had never visited a Great Wolf Lodge resort and were in awe of the many activities offered in addition to the 105,000 square foot indoor water park. One of those activities is one of our most popular amongst the Great Wolf Lodge brand: MagiQuest.

Families looking to dry off from the 565,000 gallons of water in the park can now befriend pixies, collect runes, and even battle a dragon around the resort. One of MagiQuest’s biggest fans, Kaitlyn B., has spent over one hundred hours (!) playing the game at Great Wolf Lodge locations– so, we thought, who better to get some tips from? Read on for Kaitlyn’s tips, tricks, and helpful hints for playing the game:

100+. That's how many hours I've played MagiQuest. It's one of my favorite things to do while staying at Great Wolf Lodge.

To play MagiQuest, you need the following: a wand, a topper, a Book of Wisdom, comfortable shoes (you will be running around a lot), and a belt to hold your wand might be helpful. You can find the belt along with other accessories at the MagiQuest store where your journey begins.

For first-time players, here are some tips:

  • Follow the Book of Wisdom
  • Consider getting a topper, which has powers to help you.
  • If you want to take an adventure, it's a good idea to have all or most of the runes.
  • Listen to the introductions on every quest the first time you play them
  • You can always ask a “Quest Master” (pack member) if you need help.

For those setting out on one of the many adventures, I’ve come up with some helpful hints for becoming a Master Magi:

  • To beat the Red Dragon you need the Portal Rune, Freezing Rune, Ice Arrow Rune, and Protection Rune.
  • To beat the Goblin King you need the Lightning Rune.
  • To help the pixies, you need the Dazzle Rune, and the Healing Rune.
  • To beat the Silver Dragon you need to have completed the Red Dragon Adventure, and have the Master Magi Rune.
  • To help Ursa Major, find the eagle, the hawk, and the colors of the five jewels.

The best part of MagiQuest, in my opinion, is going on the adventures. My favorite adventures are The Silver Dragon, The Amulet of Ursa Major, and The Red Dragon. Playing MagiQuest with friends is one of my favorite things to do, and I've done it for my birthday a couple of times, too!

Well, that about ends it!  Good luck on your MagiQuest adventure.